Alex Kompothrecas was fired from 'Siesta Key' and edited out of Season 3.

'Siesta Key' Fired Alex Kompothecras, Reportedly For Racism On Instagram


If you were wondering why the Season 3 midseason premiere of Siesta Key seemed a bit off, it's because the MTV show has ended its relationship with star Alex Kompothecras and is editing him out of its new episodes. After racist comments reportedly made by Kompothecras began resurfacing on social media, Siesta Key fired Alex Kompothecras, and confirmed he will not appear on any future seasons of the reality series. Elite Daily reached out to Kompothecras for comment on the firing, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

The June 16 return of Siesta Key Season 3 was meant to include a block of two new episodes episodes (each an hour long), but MTV only aired one 54-minute episode instead, and the only sighting of Kompothecras the whole time was a brief shot of the back of his head. Around the time the show aired, Siesta Key's official social media accounts confirmed Kompothecras would no longer be part of the show, and his scenes filmed for the second half of Season 3 would be edited out.

Although MTV did not give a reason for cutting ties with Kompothecras, the announcement comes soon after the reality star came under fire for resurfaced social media comments allegedly shared by him. Reportedly, Kompothecras had commented the n-word on an Instagram post and responded positively to other racist posts on the app.

This is not the first time Kompothecras has found himself in hot water. Back when Siesta Key premiered in 2017, a social media campaign to boycott the show arose around alleged racist posts Kompothecras made, as well as accusations of animal cruelty.

Kompothecras is the third reality star MTV has parted ways with in recent weeks. The network fired Dee Nguyen from The Challenge and Taylor Selfridge from Teen Mom following fans' outrage over racist tweets. Similarly, Bravo recently cut ties with four Vanderpump Rules stars after various racist posts and actions came to light.

Kompothecras himself has yet to publicly comment on his firing. MTV made it clear the rest of the already-filmed third season will be edited to minimize Kompothecras' screen time. The channel's sister network VH1 recently took the same approach for Season 12 of RuPaul's Drag Race, scrubbing a drag queen who had admitted to allegations of catfishing after filming.

New episodes of Siesta Key air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.