Shop These 'Clueless'-Inspired Outfits From Cher & Dionne For The Film's 25th Anniversary

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Many fashion icons have emerged from movies over the years, but Cher, played by Alicia Silverstone, and Dionne, played by Stacey Dash, from Clueless just might be the most enduring style inspirations ever. Even now with the movie’s 25th Anniversary coming up, Cher’s style hasn’t lost any of its relevance. That's why, a quarter of a century later, you may still be trying to get some of the iconic teens' looks in your own wardrobe. Luckily, there are so many Clueless-inspired looks like Cher's and Dionne's to shop.

Clueless captures the ‘90s Beverly Hills aesthetic in every way from slang to music to, of course, style. And while grunge gets a lot of attention for being the ‘90s fashion aesthetic, Clueless is an exploration of bright colors, funky patterns, and lots of miniskirts. The fashion is to the overall credit of costume designer Mona May, who is also known for her work in Never Been Kissed and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (must-watches if you love Clueless).

Everything about Cher and Dionne is certifiably iconic. From Cher picking out her wardrobe with a computer system to her distaste for high school boys and her altruistic change in the end, Cher is a teenage dream. Dionne's willingness to try new things will give you enough fashion inspo to get you through the rest of your life probably. Not to mention, Cher alone has 60 costume changes throughout the film.

If you’re ready to add to your closet, I've rounded up some Cher- and Dionne-approved Clueless looks for you to check out. With these new pieces, you definitely won’t be looking like a full-on Monet.

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Ever since Cher and Dionne started the movie in their matching blazer-skirt sets, it's been my dream to own something similar. This matching blue set perfectly mixes fun and serious vibes. Both pieces are also totally easy to mix and match with the rest of your closet.

Sweater vests are not just for your grandfather. Cher dabbles in the dapper style a few times throughout the movie, always with a button-down underneath. Make sure you add some fun with a miniskirt for the perfect fall look.

Cardigan sets might have seemed like a thing of the past, but they're quickly returning to a wardrobe staple. Seeing Dionne sitting on a bench in her lime green, matching co-ord set is enough for me to think that cardigan sets are here to stay for a very long time.

You can spot Cher wearing babydoll-style dresses with a front tie a few times throughout the film — always with puffy sleeves. Add a matching yellow headband, and you'll look straight out of Beverly Hills.

Cher understands the timeless look of a black blazer and a button down better than any other high-schooler. The look is endlessly sharp, no matter what you pair it with. If you go with an oversized, slightly sheer button down underneath, it's all the better.

If you've wanted an Alia dress ever since Cher got held up in that parking lot after the Valley party, now's your chance. This Alia dress ($28, Revolve) is just as red and slinky as the one Cher wore that night. Hopefully, you won't have to worry about ruining it on the pavement.

Always more daring with her fashion, Dionne's party outfit went all out with a multi-tiered tulle skirt and vibrant floral tie shirt. While she did end up spending most of the party locked in the bathroom, this outfit made quite the statement, and it's absolutely one worth recreating.

The workout clothes present throughout Clueless are undeniably cool. As biker shorts have come back into fashion, there's one look from the movie waiting to have its big revival: Cher's strappy unitard.

It wouldn't be a fair Clueless shopping list without including at least one tartan set. When you picture Clueless, there's a fair chance you picture Cher and Dionne rolling up to school in something akin to the above suit set, which is perfect for your first day of school, heading to work, or literally anything else.

If you're gonna strut your stuff à la Cher and Dionne, it's best to rock the proper footwear. Mary Janes are yet another retro trend making the rounds, and the above pick from Dr. Martens will complement your plaid suit oh-so-nicely.

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