Scooter Braun May Have Addressed The Taylor Drama With This Funny FaceApp Post

JC Oliviera/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Scooter Braun might not be over the Taylor Swift drama. The manager, who works with the likes of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, found himself the main topic of debate a few weeks ago when he acquired Taylor Swift's entire discography and Swift vocalized her heartbreak over the acquisition. Braun has declined to respond publicly to the scandal, though. This week, on social media, people can't get enough of the FaceApp old age feature. Celebrities have been posting their would-be older selves to the 'Gram for fun, but Scooter Braun's FaceApp Instagram might subtly shed light on how he's dealing with his drama with Swift.

Here's the tea, in case you're behind: Braun now owns all of Swift's past six albums. It's a bit of a weird concept to grasp if you're not in tune with music contracts and how the ownership of music works (it honestly kind of confuses me, still), but it basically means that Braun has creative control over and is free to release Swift's music however he wants without approval from Swift, according to Paul Hitchman, President of AWAL.

You'd think Swift would own it all since she wrote it, but it's an unfortunate reality in the music industry that younger musicians frequently have the ownership of their music written into someone else's hands in their contracts in the very early days of their fledgling careers when they have very little leverage.

Swift made her feelings clear about Braun being the one to acquire her music catalog in an emotional Tumblr post. In the post, she accused Braun of bullying her (along with Kanye West and Justin Bieber) over the years and noted that Braun owning her music is her "worst case scenario." The Swift fandom came to her defense, and between Justin Bieber's reaction to Swift's Tumblr post, Braun's wife's reaction, and the general reaction from people on the internet, it's been an intense time for all those involved.

Braun seemingly decided to joke about it on his Instagram. Using the FaceApp old-age feature, Braun posted a black-and-white photo of himself to his Instagram on July 16 and said, "Last couple of weeks have really taken a toll on me 😁."

His friends in the comments section have been laughing at the post (the old-age feature is funny to see), but Swift fans are flooding the post with comments like, "It's called karma hunty are u finally feeling it smh," "And who's fault is that?" and "Karma coming for you and making you look like this in less than 3 years." Yeah... safe to say Swift fans aren't happy with Scooter Braun!

His joke was lighthearted, of course, and he was just tagging along with a social media trend. But I hope he expected to have the Swifties troll him in response for his caption (he probably knew what he was in for).

Swift hasn't commented further on her Tumblr post since she posted it on June 30. Other artists (and her fans) are encouraging her to re-record all of her old music to send a message about this unfortunate side of the music industry, but we'll see if she actually does that. In the meantime, she probably is giving a massive eye roll to Braun's FaceApp post. I mean, f*ck. I would.