This Terrifying Video Of A Haunted School Hallway Will Make You Believe In Ghosts

by Collette Reitz

The scariest thing that happened to me in high school was when I was called to write up a proof on the whiteboard in geometry class (I was more of an algebra brain). However, the students of one school in Ireland don't have to look any further than the school's security camera to tell their own spooky story. You'll have to see it to believe it — and make sure you turn on all of the lights — because one look at this scary video of paranormal activity in a school hallway might make even the most skeptical denier of ghosts' existence change their tune.

According to Cosmopolitan, the haunting video was obtained from Deerpark C.B.S. in Cork, Ireland. The footage in question was caught on Oct. 1, 2017 at 3 a.m., and the school reported that nobody was in the building at that time. Well, nobody that you can see, anyway.

The UK-based website, UNILAD, spoke with Aaron Wolfe, the Headteacher (Principal) of Deerpark C.B.S., who said that the reason that the school was alerted to the incident was that the motion sensors went off. So, he's not quite sure how it could have been someone playing a prank. A prank was definitely my first theory as to how this happened, so you could say I'm sufficiently freaked out now.

Here is the video in its entirety. Seriously, guys, lights on for this one.

OK, now let's dig into the bone-chilling details of the video. The footage is just over a minute and a half long, but rest assured, that's plenty of time to creep you out. The first incident has a little bit of a lead-up to it. You're watching what looks like pretty common footage of a school hallway for quite a few seconds (like, so long that I thought I was just about to be Rick-rolled), but then, something happens... BOOM! A door slams out of nowhere with nobody in sight.

I'm not too proud to say that I audibly screamed and jumped up when this happened — even though I watched in the middle of the day with all of my lights on. Pro tip: keep your volume at a medium level so the slamming of the door doesn't cause your heart-rate to rocket into the triple digits.

You wait for quite a few more seconds after that until the next paranormal happening freaks you out. The third locker (in the row of lockers on the wall with the two doors) begins to rock back-and-forth as if someone is making that happen. At first it's just slightly noticeable, and then it gets little more violent and crashes loudly as it hits the floor.

After another lull, a cubby on the adjacent row of lockers flies open, forcefully sending papers right out of it and onto the floor. More waiting and waiting and then, what looks like a "CAUTION: Wet Floor Sign" becomes unlatched and falls to floor, making a very loud noise. It almost looks as though it's being thrown to the floor, but again, there is nobody in sight.

Could it be an actual ghost?

If you're more than freaked out by now, I do not blame you. Wolfe even relayed to UNILAD that there were recent complaints about a chill in this part of the building. Um, if The Sixth Sense taught me anything, it's that you GTFO when it gets cold for no apparent reason — there's no guarantee that you're going to get a hunky ghost like Bruce Willis.

Apparently some of the students tried to use the incident as an excuse to miss classes, but Wolfe's potential punishment of detention was scary enough to make sure they attended school, according to what Wolfe told UNILAD. I think that's the right move on the boys' part — you don't want to be in that place any later than you have to be with that could-be hallway ghost.

Now that the combined hours of sleep that you'll get for the rest of the week is probably in the single-digits, you can call up your similarly freaked-put pals and watch happy Halloween movie. I'm sure by the end you'll be convinced that it was just Casper pulling that prank.

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