You Can Get Avocado Toast-Inspired Sneakers To Match Your Favorite Brunch Outfit

Courtesy Of Saucony

Any carb fanatic, self-proclaimed foodie, and breakfast babe out there is well-aware of the fact that avocado toast is a classic brunch-time staple. And being the lifelong bread enthusiast I am, you could imagine how elated I was to hear that there is now a sneaker that actually matches that delectable Sunday specialty. Yes, you heard that loud and clear, folks — Saucony's Shadow 6000 "Avocado Toast" sneakers were just released earlier this week, they just like the late morning delicacy, and TBH, they are truly the fashion staple you need for any and every Sunday afternoon outing.

Whether or not you're #sporty, you've most likely heard of the popular running brand, Saucony. And for runners and couch potatoes alike, they've just released the most glorious gifts imaginable: Avocado Toast sneakers. The undeniably tasty-looking kicks, officially known as Saucony Originals Shadow 6000 Avocado Toast Sneakers, are fully fitted with a bright green avocado-shaped logo on the tongue, and a totally green top evoking the ~lewk~ of actual mashed avo. You will also notice spicy red pepper flakes that are scattered among the insoles, the toast-colored brown bottom, as well as the "Saucomole" label that's spread across the back. Needless to say, you will definitely be needing a pair for yourself by the time this weekend rolls around.

The avocado tongue and red pepper flakes really say it all. Also, peep the tiny avocado inside... so cute!

Courtesy Of Saucony

Loving the view from the side, too. TBH it's making me hungry.

Courtesy Of Saucony

And finally, who could forget the "Saucamole" label? Everyone loves a good avo pun, in my experience.

Courtesy Of Saucony

Since you are most likely super eager to get your hands on these babes (because f'real, who isn't?) they officially became available to avo fans nationwide as of Wednesday, Feb. 26. According to the brand, you are now able to buy them off Saucony's website or in select retailers, and unfortunately for a petit gal like me, they only come in men's sizes (so seriously, make sure to check the sizing chart to find your proper fit).

Anyway, while these are the perfect purchase, the only thing I should probably warn you about is the fact that they're only available while supplies last, and also that they will cost you a total of $130. So, you'll have to throw down that cash pretty quickly, in case they run out. IMO, that's some expensive AF toast, but if you think about it, they'll last far longer than any meal. Alas, it seems as though Tim Gurner was right — this millennial would definitely rather spend her money on these than a house at this moment in time #SorryNotSorry.

Very few things in this world can surpass the joy that is avocado toast. And with that in mind, I'm more than happy to honor the delectable dish with a pair of sneakers to match. In all seriousness, these kicks are the perfect addition to that comfy-chic athleisure get-up you wear as you sip mimosas, chug coffee, and gossip with your gals. In all honesty, I'm going to need a pair for myself. These are far too good (and delicious-looking) to pass up right now.