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Sarah Jeffery Is Revealing A More Personal Side In Her New Single

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Sarah Jeffery struck gold when she booked the role of Princess Audrey in Disney Channel's mega-hit Descendants franchise. In the third film, her song "Queen of Mean" was lightning in a bottle, with the music video racking up 250 million+ views and rising to the 49th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in August 2019. Now, Jeffery is keeping that momentum going by launching a full-blown music career. Her debut single (not attached to a film) is officially here, and there's a reason it's so different from her musical contributions to Descendants. Sarah Jeffery's "Even The Stars" is her most personal work yet.

"For Descendants, when I recorded 'Queen of Mean,' everything was such a quick turnaround with shooting, and rehearsing and everything, and you have to get the track in time to shoot to it," Jeffery tells Elite Daily. "With doing your own solo work, I found I had a lot more time to finesse things."

With "Even the Stars," Jeffery was able to fine-tune every aspect personally. She actually worked with Rock Mafia, the songwriting team behind "Queen of Mean," on the track, but that's where the similarities between her Descendants single and her new single end.

Jeffery praises the amount of space she was given to make the song her own. "I needed to get comfortable with the song, and we did as many passes as we needed to until we all felt confident, tweaking things here and there. It was a more drawn-out process [than the 'Queen of Mean'] for sure," she says.

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Moving forward, Jeffery wants to carve out her lane in the music space, infusing a personal touch into her songs.

"For my individual sound, I definitely think I'm on a different path," she says when speaking on how much "Even The Stars" evolved sonically from her Descendants track. "I hope to keep developing that sound. I just love everything [Rock Mafia does], and I'm excited to continue working with them and write my own things... just develop my own personal sound and really find it."

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The music video for "Even The Stars" was especially personal for Jeffery, who filmed the entire visual in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

"We shot it not far from the suburb my parents and I live in. It was neat to be sort of in my own backyard," she says. "It was a really beautiful day and we lucked out with the weather and it just felt very whimsical and special."

The song, which is about navigating the ups and downs of life, holds a special meaning for Jeffery, who is an advocate for mental health awareness.

"I just really hope people take away from it that you're going to have peaks and valleys in life, you're going to have ups and downs, and it's just very important to bear in mind that when you are in those darker times, the light will come again," she says. "The dark times just kind of help us appreciate the light even more. I'm pretty vocal with my own mental health, and that's something that's always helped me ... I just hope it brings some light into people's lives."

Jeffery is well aware she's still in the early stages of her music career, and she's excited to grow. "I think time just really helps you to develop your own unique sound ... This is my first venture into music. I think with time I'll just feel more comfortable and I'll get to know myself more with music," she says.

Jeffery's now staying busy in the studio, so fans should be ready for more music to come. "We've got some more stuff recorded," she says. "I'm definitely itching to share it with the world."