Sophie Turner Just Confirmed One Exciting Thing About Sansa In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8

by Ani Bundel

Game of Thrones Season 8 is under eight weeks away, which means the press junket period is about to begin. The next six weeks will feature the main cast members appearing on late night TV shows, in fashion spreads in magazines, and endless interviews where none of them can say anything about what happens in the final episodes of the show. Well, most of them won't be able to say anything. Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, has found one thing she can talk about: Her outfit. Apparently, Sansa gets armor in Game Of Thrones Season 8, a fascinating development.

Of the Starks, Sansa is like her mother, feminine to a fault. Where her younger sister, Arya, has been training to be an assassin, and all of her older brothers have worn their share of warrior vestments, Sansa has stuck to gowns. Even the other female characters who have survived as long as she has have worn outfits that suggest armored plating.

Cersei, for example, wore gold medal bodice pieces after she shed her Baratheon look in Season 2, and her current black Queen of the Andals look has armor-like epaulets and chains as accents. Daenerys wore a lot of leather armor-esque plating, especially in Season 2 when she found herself vulnerable in Qarth.

Now it's Sansa's turn to step up.


Turner spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her character's new Season 8 look.

This is the first time I’ve had armor. We [sic] the idea of it being very protective and she buttons herself up. I wanted her to have a bit of armor and be a bit more warrior like. She’s like the warrior of Winterfell.

Writer James Hibbard, who has seen the costume Turner is discussing, describes it this way:

The costume is not Jaime Lannister or Brienne of Tarth-style metal armor, but more like a jet-black ensemble made of thick leather or similar material.

This description is all fans have to go on because the article doesn't reveal Sansa's new look. Why not? Most assume it's because viewers will be seeing it soon, in the Season 8 trailer.

There are less than eight weeks to go, and the press junket is starting, but no trailer has arrived yet. There are rumors the Game of Thrones showrunners didn't even want to have one this season, but HBO insisted. (And, to be fair, they probably don't need to.) At the Television Critics Association a couple of weeks ago, HBO head Casey Bloys said he'd seen a trailer rough-cut but had no idea when it would arrive.

Fans have been near hysterical this week on Twitter in anticipation of a possible trailer. Perhaps this tease of a new look for Sansa is the lead-up to one arriving by week's end. But frankly, I wouldn't count on it. If I had to put money down, I would say HBO will drop it in front of the True Detective finale this coming Sunday in the middle of the Oscars telecast. Remember, when you're the 400-pound dragon of television, you really can just sit anywhere.

Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres on Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.