Samsung Just Introduced A New Wireless Headphone, So Move Over, AirPods


The days of people walking around with tiny white things dangling from their ears tethered to nothing ... are still not over. But it's not Apple who's upping the headphone game. Samsung Galaxy Buds are a new wireless headphone, so move over, AirPods, there's a new game in town.

AirPods have been the popular (and only) wireless earbud for a little while, but Samsung is on the scene with their new wireless earphones that are not just great for listening. In a Feb. 20 video, Samsung announced their foray into the game with Galaxy Buds that allow users to "hear and be heard." Sure, I mostly use my headphones for playing Janelle Monáe on repeat, but think of all the times you're walking to the train or to grab some fuel (coffee) and dial your BFF. Well, Samsung has you covered on the tunes, but wants to make those chats with your squad a great experience for you too. So, the Galaxy Buds feature an adaptive dual microphone that automatically picks up on the noise around you and adjusts accordingly. The outer mic kicks in when it's quiet, and the inner mic swoops in to pick up your voice internally when you're somewhere noisy.

While I'm happy that "adaptive dual microphone" has been added to my tech lexicon, the Galaxy Buds offer a few more advantages beyond the speaker hardware. The video also says the buds automatically sync to all your Galaxy devices right out of the box, and they've been designed to stay in your ears. No more catching buds in your elbows or as they tumble down the front of your shirt into your enormous handbag where they will be lost forever.

What's of most concern to me, personally, is how long these babies will stay charged because of all the aforementioned Janelle Monáe. According to The Verge, the Galaxy Buds have six hours of battery life in the buds themselves, and seven hours in the case. But there's an even bigger plus. Samsung has equipped their Galaxy S10 devices with reverse wireless charging, which means you can literally just place the buds on top of your phone to charge them. Or, since the buds have wireless charging enabled, you can just plop them on any wireless charger, according to The Verge. Apple promised a wireless charging case for their AirPods, according to Cult of Mac, but have yet to make that happen.

The Galaxy Buds also feature a lower price point than Apple's AirPods. Per The Verge, the buds will go for $129 while AirPods sell for $159. 30 bucks might not seem like such a steep difference, but think of the extra lattes you can buy with that spare change. Or, you know, groceries. So if you've been looking for a cheaper solution to your old school corded headphones, you can pick up a pair of Galaxy Buds on March 8.

The AirPods have been pretty popular and seen everywhere, but it looks like this new alternative from Samsung could give the pods a run for their money.