This Story About Harry's Reported Reaction To His Ex's Gift Is Majorly Emotional

by Candice Jalili
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Break out the Kleenex box because Rolling Stone's story about Harry Styles and Camille Rowe is majorly emotional. The musician is on the cover of the magazine's September issue, and the feature includes a memorable anecdote about the aftermath of his reported relationship with the French model. Styles and Rowe are both pretty private about their personal lives; this story comes by way of Rolling Stone's interview with one of Styles' best friends, Tom Hull.

He went through this breakup that had a big impact on him,” Hull said of his friend following his split from Rowe. “I turned up on Day One in the studio, and I had these really nice slippers on. His ex-girlfriend that he was really cut up about, she gave them to me as a present — she bought slippers for my whole family. We’re still close friends with her. I thought, ‘I like these slippers. Can I wear them — is that weird?’"

Well, it turns out that Styles did find it weird that his BFF showed up wearing slippers that his ex had bought him.

“So I turn up at Shangri-La the first day and literally within the first half-hour, he looks at me and says, ‘Where’d you get those slippers? They’re nice.’ I had to say, ‘Oh, um, your ex-girlfriend got them for me.’ He said, ‘Whaaaat? How could you wear those?’ He had a whole emotional journey about her, this whole relationship," Hull continued. "But I kept saying, ‘The best way of dealing with it is to put it in these songs you’re writing.’”

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For his part, Styles remained quiet on the reported breakup. That being said, he admitted that his personal life does impact his music. “It’s not like I’ve ever sat and done an interview and said, ‘So I was in a relationship, and this is what happened,’” he said. “Because, for me, music is where I let that cross over. It’s the only place, strangely, where it feels right to let that cross over.”

The Sun first announced the reported couple's split in July 2018. At the time, the publication also reported that the couple was originally introduced by their mutual friend Alexa Chung.

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The Sun reported that Styles even introduced Rowe to his family in December 2017. And the meeting apparently went well because The Sun reported Rowe was spotted in the crowd of one of his concerts in Parish the following March.

According to The Sun, Styles' relationship with Rowe was reportedly his longest relationship to date. So, yeah, it makes sense that he'd be a little torn up about it.

Here's to hoping we can all feel some major feelings listening to the music he created following the rumored split.