Reviewers Are Buzzing About These 36 Products On Amazon You've Never Heard Of

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I've spent a large part of my adult life feeling like something was missing from it. Sure, I tried to fill the hole with the usual vices — fountain soda, staring at dogs until they made eye contact, and purchasing the same red flannel shirt every fall — until one day I saw it. A box grater attached to a removable container. Not a moment longer must I live the way I had — getting cheese all over my countertops and watching lemon zest fly wasted into the wind. And that's what happens when you find awesome products on Amazon you've never heard of. Life becomes a little better.

And these are all products that reviewers are excited about — because there's no fury quite like an Amazon shopper scorned, and it does tend to lead to strongly-worded paragraphs on the mega-site. Not these products. They all have fantastic reviews. Like a frying pan with individual holes for eggs so you can finally have a breakfast sandwich that looks perfect. Or a glue that fixes your fraying charging cords that I know continue to shock and electrocute you every time you plug your phone in. And yeah, the box grater I mentioned above.

Because while a dog making prolonged eye contact might make your day, you can't take it home with you. Let me introduce you to the products you can.

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