Reviewers Are Buzzing About These 35 Products On Amazon You've Never Heard Of

by Alida Nugent

I've spent a large part of my adult life feeling like something was missing from it. Sure, I tried to fill the hole with the usual vices — fountain soda, staring at dogs until they made eye contact, and purchasing the same red flannel shirt every fall — until one day I saw it. A box grater attached to a removable container. Not a moment longer must I live the way I had — getting cheese all over my countertops and watching lemon zest fly wasted into the wind. And that's what happens when you find awesome products on Amazon you've never heard of. Life becomes a little better.

And these are all products that reviewers are excited about — because there's no fury quite like an Amazon shopper scorned, and it does tend to lead to strongly-worded paragraphs on the mega-site. Not these products. They all have fantastic reviews. Like a frying pan with individual holes for eggs so you can finally have a breakfast sandwich that looks perfect. Or a glue that fixes your fraying charging cords that I know continue to shock and electrocute you every time you plug your phone in. And yeah, the box grater I mentioned above.

Because while a dog making prolonged eye contact might make your day, you can't take it home with you. Let me introduce you to the products you can.

A Frying Pan That Has Individual Spaces For Perfect Eggs

This aluminum pan has a unique feature — it has four slots you can put eggs right into, meaning your breakfast will be cooked (and rounded) to perfection. Reviewers love that the eggs do not stick (thanks to the marble coating), and you can use this in a ton of creative ways: place two eggs and two pieces of Canadian bacon inside for easy fast food recreations, create different pancake flavors inside, or enjoy evenly cooked burgers.

This Weighted Eye Mask For The Best Sleep Ever

Filled with premium glass beads, this weighted eye mask adds slight compression to your face for a more restful sleep. The adjustable buckle strap easily secures the mask to the face, and you can even slip it into the microwave or freezer for 30 minutes of tension-relieving hot or cold therapy. The beads can be removed from the zippered compartment (they're contained in a pouch), so you can use this as a regular mask as well.

The Desk Lamp That Charges Your Phone Wirelessly

This LED desk lamp has five modes and seven different levels of brightness — perfect for late nights at your desk without any eye strain — and can be rotated 180-degrees for the perfect angle. However, there's another useful addition to this lamp: a wireless charger compatible with iPhones 8 and above, Qi-enabled devices, and Galaxy phones.

The Box Grater That Connects To A Container With Measurement Markings

There are two stand-out qualities in this box grater that make it a worthwhile addition to your kitchen: it has a removable grater (so you can directly grate that nutmeg into your roux) and an attachable container with measurement markings for easy prep. The non-slip footing gives you tons of stability, and the grates are made of sturdy stainless steel.

These Ankle Sleeves For Pain Relief

If you're on your feet all day — or have foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis, swelling, injury, or arthritis — try out these ankle compression sleeves. The constant, light pressure these provide help to make standing and walking more comfortable, and the four-way stretch fabric is breathable. They're thin enough to wear over or under socks, and one reviewer with Achilles tendonitis raved: "Since wearing these compression sleeves for the past couple of weeks, I am able to take up to 4 mile walks daily."

A Charcoal Mouthwash That Helps Whiten Teeth

Activated charcoal and coconut oil replace fluoride in this alcohol-free mouthwash — and the results are whiter teeth and fresher breath. Don't be fooled by the black liquid (it's made from sustainable bamboo), it has nearly perfect reviews thanks to its minty taste and powerful whitening abilities.

The Notebook You Can Use Over And Over Again

Here's a riddle for you: how is a notebook with 36 pages infinitely reusable? The answer lies in this Rocketbook, which can be wiped clean with the included microfiber cloth — and all the pages can be uploaded to Dropbox, your email, or the Cloud. How? Download the Rocketbook app, scan the QR code on each page, and you'll have your notes forever.

This Moldable Glue Fixes Pretty Much Everything

The Sugru moldable glue is something I personally use for my fraying phone chargers — simply roll out a small piece, shape it around the exposed wire, and let it dry for 24 hours. Once set, it will have hardened into a rubber that's still flexible and bendable. It's heat- and waterproof, securely bonds to plenty of materials (glass, wood, ceramic, and more), and can even hold up to 4.4 pounds of weight. It's great to just keep around the house for tons of small projects.

A Meat Chopper That's Safe To Use In Non-Stick Pans

The five "blades" of this kitchen tool make quick work of chopping up meat directly into the pan (it's safe on non-stick materials) — making tacos or chili that much faster. It's heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can also use it for quick mashed potatoes, dumpling filling, pastry crumble, and more.

This Paper Towel Holder Is Brilliant Because It Sticks Anywhere

Save some space on your countertop with this paper towel holder — the adhesive backing means you can attach it to tile, on cabinet doors, or on your laundry room wall. It also has two screws should you find a permanent place to mount it, and it's made from strong aluminum treated with a rust-resistant coating.

The Hair Remover That's Pretty Much Pain-Free

Remove unwanted facial hair or peach fuzz painlessly and quickly with this waterproof, battery-operated hair remover. The hypoallergenic blades are safe to use on sensitive skin, and won't cause redness or irritation. One reviewer wrote: "It helps me precisely trim out my unwanted facial hair. It is great for eyebrows, chin hair and for sideburns. It is also the best method of painless hair removal."

A Massage Oil That Soothes Sore Muscles

Made with arnica extract — a known pain-relieving ingredient — and cooling peppermint oil, this massage oil helps soothe sore muscles after a long workout or a bad night's sleep. It's cruelty-free, reviewers say it absorbs quickly, and it also has some calming lavender oil for a little aromatherapy added to your pleasant massage.

This Vacuum Attachment Is A Must-Have If You Really Dislike Dust

This affordable vacuum attachment essentially consists of 30 flexible straws, which quickly and easily remove dust from keyboard crevices, corners, air vents, and other hard-to-reach places. This is a must-have if you own pets, and it comes with three different adapters to ensure a snug fit to any vacuum (including one made for the Dyson).

The Travel Pillow Made From Cozy Memory Foam

There's probably nothing more supportive and comfortable than 100% memory foam — and that's what's inside this travel pillow. Wide enough to protect both the neck and the upper back, it also features a removable, washable cover and a magnetic rope lock that can be adjusted to your perfect fit. It's breathable and perfect for any long trip you have coming up.

The No-Tie Shoelaces That Keep You Secure During Intense Workouts

These waterproof silicone elastics replace traditional laces — which is fantastic if you're running a marathon, are worried your shoes will come untied during an intense workout, or have mobility concerns. They're easy to install, work for most shoes (including children's and adult size), and won't get ruined in rain or snow.

The Honey That Has A Spicy Kick

Mike's Hot Honey is a simple condiment: it's real honey infused with chili peppers. And because simple is often the best, you'll find yourself adding this to almost everything — I personally love it on eggs, pizza, chicken tenders, as an addition in salad dressing, or as a sugar substitute for jalapeño margaritas. Once you take it home, you'll find a way to put this spicy-sweet sauce on everything.

A Gel Eye Treatment That Fakes A Whole Night's Sleep

Under eye masks are a great way to start off a day you haven't had enough sleep — because in only 15 minutes, they tend to brighten and de-puff the area. They're also great as a prep for makeup, and this stellar version contains plant-based collagen for the plumping effects, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, and soothing green tea. Hot tip: pop them in the fridge for even more cooling benefits.

The Reading Glasses That Fold Into A Keychain

These reading glasses basically reinvent the wheel — made from the same polycarbonate used for expensive prescription glasses, they fold down into a keychain so you'll never forget them, and they're made with such sturdy titanium alloy nose pads they don't need arms to keep them secure. ThinOptics are also shatterproof, and over 1,300 reviewers have given them perfect five-star reviews.

This Aromatherapy Inhaler You Can Take Anywhere

If you have to go to work when you're getting over a cold or your allergies are acting up, try these aromatherapy inhalers made from Himalayan pink salt. They'll soothe irritation and blockage once you take a deep whiff, and they're fortified with some essential oils — including eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender. Keep these close all during cold and flu season.

The Two-Pack Of This Beloved Mouthwash

This mouthwash was invented by a dentist — and is kosher and vegan, too. Using it can prevent unwanted mouth odors from tonsil stones, morning breath, or strong food for up to 24 hours. Seriously: thousands of reviewers say this makes a "huge difference" in their oral care routine.

The USB Port That's Made For Your Car

A car charger is one thing — and consider this power inverter its much more powerful older sibling. Connect it into your cigarette lighter and it has two USB ports for phones and tablets — plus another outlet for anything else you need to charge (maybe a little fridge for your next tailgate?). It also features a silent fan that keeps your precious electronics from overheating, and a sturdy aluminum outside prevents any short-circuiting when you hit a speed bump.

A Pest Repeller That Gets Rid Of Bugs Without The Use Of Chemicals

The secret to this six-pack of pest repellers is in the ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves — they emit in just a way to frighten rats, mice, cockroaches, crickets, and other unsavory critters off for good. They cover around 1,600 square feet and can be used in garages and the indoors. Plus, they're safe in homes with pets and children.

The Deodorant That Actually Smells Calming

There's no aluminum, parabens, or baking soda in this deodorant. So what does it have? A light, soothing lavender and sage scent — plus, a water-based formula that includes arrowroot starch and tapioca to prevent unwanted odors for up to 72 hours. A stick lasts for over 100 uses, and one reviewer writes: "This is the best deodorant I've ever used, and I'm 34. The consistency is great, not sticky or wet... I've noticed this lasts an incredibly long time, too."

A Bidet You Can Easily Add To Any Toilet For Luxury Anywhere

If you have 15 minutes, you can install this personal bidet on your toilet — no fancy tools required. After that, you'll have a bidet that releases natural tap water to offer a cleanse that doesn't require toilet paper, and has an adjustable nozzle to hit you exactly where you need it to. If you've ever used a bidet before, you already know why so many reviewers gave this a perfect five-star rating.

The Clips That Hold Up To 30 Spices

This is a really innovative way to keep your spices organized — the set of six adhesive strips (with five grips each) can easily be installed onto your cabinet doors or walls to hold all those bottles of nutmeg, paprika, and garlic powder that end up taking too much space in your cupboards. There's additional screws included if you want to make this a permanent part of your kitchen, too.

A Hair Treatment That's Absolutely Magical

Massage this intense hair mask into your thirsty strands for five minutes — and let the argan oil, orange extract, and coconut oil absorb deep into the roots of your hair for the shiniest of results. It's great if you have damaged hair from overprocessing, and it even encourages natural hair growth.

The Flosser That Actually Makes Flossing Fun

Flossing is the worst, but it just so happens to be very good for your gums and your oral health — so luckily, there's this cordless flosser to make it a little easier (and a little more fun). It uses water pressure and five different pressure settings to get rid of all that stuff in between your teeth, and it has a rechargeable battery that you won't need to juice up for a few weeks. It's also easy to switch the pressure with one hand while you're flossing.

The Electric Kettle For Hot Tea In No Time At All

There's five settings to choose from with this electric kettle — ensuring the perfect temperature for ramen, hot chocolate, tea, or pour-over coffee. The water heats up in as little as three minutes, the gooseneck spout promises you won't get water everywhere, and there's both overheat and and boil-dry protection so this won't get ruined over time. Reviewer love how sleek this stainless steel kettle looks, too.

This Moisture Absorber Keeps Your Home From Smelling Of Mildew

Put this little container of DampRid in your bathroom or laundry room, and the crystals inside will trap all that excess moisture in the air that happens to cause those unpleasant musty odors. It'll instantly help to reduce the unwanted smells, but over time it will help to reduce allergens in the air. Use it in your closet, too.

The Nail Repair Pens That Keep Them Strong

Use this nail pen on your fingers or toes three times a day, and fungus, split nails, brittleness, discoloration, and rough texture will be a thing of the past. The twist-off pen makes this easy to apply, and one reviewer wrote: "This is by far the best nail care repair product I have ever used!"

A Baking Pan That Makes Perfect Cake Donuts

You love donuts, but they seem pretty hard to make, right? No longer, with this handy pan. Delicious cake donuts will be ready to frost, and the non-stick coating and dishwasher-safe materials make this a purchase you won't soon regret.

The 1-Gallon Water Bottle That Inspires You To Drink More Water

Everyone needs a push sometimes, and this 1-gallon water bottle is the light, encouraging one you might need when you're trying to consume more of that precious liquid that sustains life (and in my opinion, isn't nearly as good as pink lemonade). The markings let you know how far you've come, and even remind you that there's "no excuses" (even when that excuse is that water just...doesn't taste that good) — it comes in a variety of colors and is made from BPA-free materials.

The Nail Polish Remover That Works On Gel — In Minutes

Gel nail polish lasts forever — but it's almost impossible to remove at home (it often requires a salon visit, which costs money). Not anymore. This gel polish remover is simple: grind the polish down a little with a nail file, paint this on, wait three minutes, and remove it with a cotton pad. Easy peasy.

A Handy Little Cleaner For Your Blinds

If you have blinds, you know two things about them: you will always look like a nosy neighbor when you peek out of them, and they're impossible to clean. Luckily, there's this microfiber blinds cleaner — the three-pronged blades easily get in between the slots, getting rid of all the dust that paper towels simply cannot eliminate. This comes with five microfiber cloths, which last a long time and are safe to put in the washing machine. Bonus: it also works for car vents and air conditioners.

A Glass Tea Cup Complete With A Diffuser

Talk about a multifunctional product: this tea infuser has a stainless steel insert to put your loose leaf to use, the silicone topper can double as a coaster, and the borosilicate glass cup is a lovely way to drink your brew once it's done. It's safe to use in the microwave, so this is a great thing to keep in the office for tea whenever that slump hits you.

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