Randall & Beth Don't Get Divorced On 'This Is Us,' So Fans Can Breathe Easy

This post contains spoilers for the This Is Us season finale. Every relationship has a bumpy patch, and that includes the seemingly indestructible pairs like Beth and Randall Pearson on This Is Us. The NBC drama last chronicled a massive blowup between the two that ended with them sleeping separately and feeling unsure of how to iron out their differences. Given their ambiguous marital status in the show's flash-forward scenes, Randall and Beth's future together was a mystery, but fans can calm down after seeing the pair reconcile in the Season 3 finale. It turns out that Randall and Beth don't get divorced on This Is Us, so I'm officially ready to accept anything that may happen next for the Pearsons.

Last week's reflective "R & B" concluded its insight into Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth's (Susan Kelechi Watson) history with the two reeling from their biggest argument yet. A compromising Beth felt swept to the side whenever Randall was distracted by the latest shiny thing in his life, but she felt betrayed by Randall's reluctance to allow room for her to pursue dance again. Randall disagreed with her take on the situation and how their relationship worked in the past, but their tense evening apart led to them approaching the issue with clear heads.

In April 2's season finale "Her," Beth and Randall calmly reunited to agree that they needed to talk things through again. Beth was a little cautious, saying she couldn't find the door of the escape room that was their current dilemma. Their own responsibilities then forced them apart for the day as Randall had to drive Deja (Lyric Ross) to a debate tournament and Beth had a dance class to teach.


But it turns out that a wise Deja lied about joining the debate team in order to pull a Randall and deliver a speech in an emotionally significant location. Directing him to one of her former foster homes, Deja shared that the adults there spent their government stipend on lottery tickets rather than food for the kids in their care. They never won money, but Deja told Randall, "Most people don’t win, Randall, but you did — you won the lottery twice. Once when you got adopted and again when you met Beth."

In Deja's words, Randall owed it to the world that let him succeed to make up with Beth. As he began to contemplate quitting his city council job, Beth felt limited in teaching dance to housewives rather than aspiring professionals. She drove out to Philadelphia and met with a realtor to look at places where she could open a dance studio.


She presented her grand idea to Randall later that day, shutting down his announcement that he was going to resign from city council. Beth convinced him that a move to Philadelphia would benefit them both, as Randall could work without a long commute and Beth could pursue her career goal. The couple's present-day storyline ended with them embracing the new chapter and packing up their New Jersey home ahead of the fresh start.

However, it wasn't until the season's closing moments that fans learned if their plan paid off. When This Is Us flashed forward previously, Randall and Beth appeared separately, and the future timeline's ominous tones fueled fans' speculation that the two were then divorced. But the finale's flash-forward scene had Randall and an adult Tess (Iantha Richardson) meeting Beth at Kevin's (Justin Hartley) home, giving viewers an answer about how Randall and Beth's relationship fared in later years.

In an exchange that's what This Is Us dreams are made of, Randall greeted Beth with, "Hey, baby." The two kissed and hugged, and as Beth's arms wrapped around Randall, her wedding ring was on full display. Team R & B is still going strong, folks!


Just as speculation about Jack and Rebecca's separation sparked during the first season of This Is Us, this phase of Beth and Randall's life is a reminder that even our ultimate couple goals don't have a perfect relationship. Their move to Philadelphia is bound to have some challenges, but the flash-forwards definitely tease that Beth's dance studio is a success and she's still happy with Randall. The conclusion of their story is far from being on our screens, but for now, all's well that ends well for R. & B.

Season 4 of This Is Us premieres this fall on NBC.