Here's Why Rachel Lindsay Used To Be Against Dating Outside Her Race

by Candice Jalili
Dominik Bindl/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During an appearance on the July 8 episode of Emmanuel Acho's new YouTube series Uncomfortable Conversations, Rachel Lindsay revealed she used to not date outside her race before she joined Bachelor Nation. She explained she made the decision to only date within her own race primarily because of pressure she felt pressure from a society that was already telling her that she wasn't "Black enough" due to her education and upbringing. "Before I came onto The Bachelor, up until I was 30, I really didn’t date seriously outside of my race because I felt like society — not my parents, not my friends," she explained. "Society was telling me I had to pick a Black man."

But things changed for Lindsey when she started dating on reality television. "I had to say you know what? My journey of love can’t be any different just because the color of my skin is and people can’t judge me for picking someone who doesn’t look like me," she shared. "I feel like they expect me to pick someone who looks just like me but that’s not fair. They should just want me to fall in love with, whoever it is that I vibe with."

This isn't the first time Lindsay has spoken candidly about her interracial relationship with Bryan Abasolo. "People were not receptive to our relationship at the end of [The Bachelorette]. So, we've always had to develop a thick skin and figure out how to navigate this world as an interracial couple," she shared during June 9 interview with Entertainment Tonight's Lauren Zima. "We did that from the very beginning."

Most recently, Abasolo has made it clear that he stands with his wife and with her community by marching along her side during the recent Black Lives Matter protests. "It was important for me that we did it together, because we are one unit. We're married. He was all for it when I was explaining to him what he'll feel when we protest, what it means to me, and he got it," Lindsay explained. "Communication has always been the foundation of our relationship and we always have those tough conversations, so watching Bryan protest and scream 'Black Lives Matter,' and really get emotional in the whole experience... of course I look over and am like, 'Gosh, I made the right decision, because he understands me and I understand him.'"

Aren't you glad Lindsay and Abasolo found each other?