Mango-Flavored Spiked Still Water Is Here To Replace Your Boozy Seltzers This Summer

Courtesy of Pura Still

Spiked seltzers have been all the rage lately. Between their fruity flavors and poppy fizz, they're pretty hard to resist. However, it looks like there's a new boozy beverage on the market that's about to give seltzers a run for their money. I'm talking about Pura Still's spiked still water drinks, which are essentially bottles of flavored water infused with alcohol. Since they're made with water, there's no fizz involved. Therefore, if you're craving something boozy without the bubbles, Pura Still might be the perfect drink for you.

Sure, "spiked water" might not sound like the most delicious drink on the happy hour menu — but after reading more about Pura Still's ingredients, you'll probably want to try a sip (I know I do). According to the company's website, the bottles are made with a "splash" of coconut water and a tiny bit of fruit flavor (I'll get to all of the flavors in just a moment). Speaking of flavors, get this: These boozy waters don't include any artificial ingredients, per Pura Still. I'll cheers to that.

If you're not totally sold on the whole "spiked water" thing, let's get into Pura Still's flavors. After you read more about them, I'm sure you'll be craving a sip.

Courtesy of Pura Still

There are three flavors, to be exact. Those include mandarin orange, blackberry, and mango. I don't know about you, but I'd be totally into sipping on any of these bottles when the weather gets warmer (heck, I'd drink 'em throughout the winter months, too). According to Pura Still's website, each flavor includes a "splash of refreshing coconut water" along with its flavor. I do love coconut water, so I'm extra excited.

Each bottle also has an ABV of 4.5 percent, in case you're wondering. With that being said, drink 'em responsibly. They might look like water, but they sure as heck aren't "just" water. There's definitely alcohol in there, whether you can taste it or not.

Courtesy of Pura Still

Now that you know what Pura Still bottles are made of (and what they taste like), you're probably wondering where you can buy them. Thankfully, they'll be pretty easy to get your hands on (if you're 21 years old, of course). According to Pura Still, you'll be able to find six-packs of the boozy waters at major stores like Walmart, Rite Aid, Trader Joe's, and more. With that being said, go ahead and start stocking up for spring and summer.

If you're having a hard time finding packs of Pura Still at your major retailer, head to the company's location web page and find the stores that are selling them near you. Once you're there, you'll see a virtual map. At that moment, you can enter your city or zip code at the top of the screen and set a distance from your town. After that, hit "Search" and watch nearby locations that are carrying Pura Still populate on your screen.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to sit by the pool and open a bottle of Pura Still this summer. Again, drink responsibly.