Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Kissed In The Middle Of His BBMAs Performance & I'm Swooning

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's been over a decade since the Jonas Brothers performed on an awards show stage, but they're finally back. The Jonas Brothers' 2019 BBMAs "Sucker" performance brought the brothers back to a live audience, and fans were totally "burnin' up" for them and their wives and wives-to-be. They've been busy getting married and getting engaged in the last few years, and all three of their partners even made appearances in the "Sucker" music video. The Jonas Brothers showed that same love for their partners during the live performance when Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas kissed in the middle of this BBMAs performance, which had the audience fully swooning.

While Chopra sat in the audience alongside Joe's fiancé (and GOT star) Sophie Turner and Kevin's wife Danielle Jonas during the performance, the trio of brothers walked the red carpet together. It was their first time making that kind of awards show appearance in years, with Joe saying to E! News that he was helping big brother Kevin out after a few years out of the spotlight. They all talked to E! News about how excited they were to be back together at a a big event. Kevin explained, "We're the most proud of this moment together, as brothers."

The Jonas Brothers' latest single debuted at Number One on the Billboard Hot 100, making it The Jonas Brothers' first number-one song ever and the first number-one from a boy band since 2003's "Bump, Bump, Bump" by B2K featuring P. Diddy.

"Sucker" is a single off The Jonas Brothers' new album Happiness Begins, which will be their first studio album since 2009. On the BBMAs red carpet, the band explained that they're all in a really good place in their personal lives, and so they wanted to share that positive feeling with the rest of the world. That hope inspired the title of the new album. "We're trying to bottle up happiness and bring it to the world," Nick said.

Along with the new album, The Jonas Brothers announced a new 40-city tour that'll be their first in nearly a decade. In a recent interview with E! News, Joe explained that their upcoming tour would include plenty of the band's classic songs, along with their new ones. He said, "I don't think we have enough new songs to do a long show. But we have plenty of old ones."

While fans were really excited to see The Jonas Brothers back together on an awards show stage, they were just as happy (and maybe even happier) to see the three Jonas partners singing along from the audience.

Priyanka and Nick's kiss wasn't the only audience interaction that caught fans' eyes. While they danced through the audience, The Jonas Brothers also took a moment to meet BTS. The K-Pop band has garnered plenty of international attention, and The Jonas Brothers can surely relate to their experience with super-dedicated fans. Hopefully the two bands had a chance to bond in their brief audience exchange.