Princess Diana's Former Butler Has A Lot To Say About Those Royal Feud Rumors

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With all the rumors about a royal feud supposedly going down behind closed doors, it’s not unusual for people close to the situation to speculate. One such person adding their two cents to all the royal feud reports is Princess Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, who isn’t the least bit worried about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. In a new report from Us Weekly, Burrell opened up about all the feud rumors surrounding the Royal Fab Four. Princess Diana’s butler’s comments about the royal feuds are surprisingly positive! Elite Daily reached out to the palace regarding the report, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

In an April 11 report, Us Weekly shared Burrell’s comments on Kate and Meghan’s rumored feud as well as his thoughts on Harry and William's relationship. In his comments, Burrell suggested that Kate and Meghan know their roles well enough to know they’re not in any sort of competition.

“They are different women with different roles from different cultures,” Burrell told Us Weekly. “Kate knows that Meghan is no threat to her, and Meghan is mature enough to realize that her role is vastly different to Kate’s.”

Burrell also elaborated on Meghan, her role within the royal family, and how she comes across as an American within a very British establishment.

“I have no doubt that Meghan is not a ‘yes’ person,” Burrell said. “[She] speaks her mind and voices her opinions as an American woman of today would and should.”

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Well, it sounds like Burrell has a deep sense of respect for both Kate and Meghan, which isn’t surprising. According to his website, Burrell worked with the royal family for over 20 years. He worked his way up from being a member of the Royal Household staff to Queen Elizabeth’s footman, and eventually to Princess Diana’s butler. So, he has a lot of history with the family.

In addition to talking about how independent Meghan is, Burrell also told Us Weekly that she “will have a great influence on the man she loves — even though he will never be king.” As you probably already know, Prince Harry is sixth in line to the throne.

As for whether Prince Harry and Prince William are at odds, Burrell has serious doubts about that.

“They may have differences as they are two very different personalities,” he explained to Us Weekly. “I think that their life bond was forged at the time of their mother’s death and that they are inseparable.”

Burrell seems like he would know more about the brothers than most other royal experts, so he might be providing some rare insight here. And he may even be right on the money about how close the brothers are right now. In an April 10 report from Us Weekly, a source close to the royal family said Harry and William are “very close” at the moment.

“William and Harry are actually very close at the moment,” the source explained. “Working together on the household division brought them together. William was very supportive of Harry’s wants and needs for the new Sussex office and helped [Harry and Duchess Meghan] where he could.”

That all just goes to show that there’s way more going on behind the scenes that many people even realize. At least things are looking positive!