Prince William's First Words To Kate Middleton Were, Uh, Not Smooth

by Candice Jalili
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Apparently being a prince doesn't necessarily make you smooth with the ladies. Case in point: Prince William's first words to Kate Middleton. "He was so desperate to meet her that as he walked towards her, he apparently tripped and said, 'Oh that's a terrible start, you're going to think I'm a complete clot,'" royal memoirist Tom Quinn revealed in the British documentary William & Kate: Too Good To Be True? of the couple's first encounter at the University of St. Andrews in 2001.

While Kate was not totally put off by William's awkward introduction, she was reportedly in a relationship with someone else at the time, which led them to just be friends. Actually, in the same documentary, royal correspondent for 5 News Simon Vigar said Kate was one of the few women at university not trying to strike up a romantic relationship with William. "When they were at university at St. Andrews, I have it on good authority that one of the few girls not chasing William or trying to catch his eye was Catherine," he shared. "If that's true, she played an absolute blinder. He was definitely the target of lots of Sloaney girls there at university, but it wasn't until the infamous fashion show that William noticed Catherine."

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The fashion show in question is, of course, the 2002 Don't Walk fashion show during which Kate strutted in a sheer mini dress. Per The Mirror, William paid £220 for a front row seat at the event, which he attended with his friend Fergus Boyd. When Kate made her way down the runway, William reportedly turned to Boyd and whispered, "Wow, Fergus, Kate's hot!"

But, of course, it's more than Kate's looks that drew William to his friend-turned-wife. In fact, in their engagement interview he revealed that it was her sense of humor that really sealed the deal for him.

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"We met at university at St. Andrews and we were friends for over a year first and it just sort of blossomed from then on," he shared. "We just spent more time with each other and had a good giggle, had lots of fun, and realized we share the same interests and… just really had a great time. She’s got a really naughty sense of humor, which kind of helps me because I’ve got a very dry sense of humor... we had a really good laugh and then things happened."

And the rest is history.