Prince Harry & Ed Sheeran for Mental Health Awareness Day

LOL, Prince Harry & Ed Sheeran Dragged People Who Make Fun Of Red Heads

Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran are the comedian duo I never knew I needed until now. The two collaborated for an important cause in a video posted on Oct. 10, and also hilariously connected over their iconic red hair. Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran's World Mental Health Day video is the best thing you'll see all day.

In a clip posted to the Sussex Royal Instagram page, Sheeran eagerly arrived for a meeting with Prince Harry to discuss a new project. The prince joked that seeing the singer is "like looking in the mirror."

The conversation quickly took off as Sheeran and Prince Harry started to speak about how many people are silently suffering and how it was time for them to speak up through song.

“I’ve actually been trying to write a song about this to get it out to more people,” Sheeran told a focused Prince Harry. “People just don’t understand what it’s like for people like us. You know, with the jokes and the snide comments."

At this point, Prince Harry is side-eyeing Sheeran so hard, and it becomes pretty clear they may not be talking about the same thing.

"I just feel like it’s time we stood up and said, 'We aren't going to take this anymore. We are ginger, and we are going to fight.’"

As if the priceless look on Prince Harry's face didn't say it all, he told Sheeran: “Um, OK... This is slightly awkward. There may have been a miscommunication, this is about World Mental Health Day.”

"Oh, yeah, yeah, I definitely knew that," Sheeran replied as he deleted the words “Gingers Unite” on his computer. Text on the screen also read, "HRH Prince Harry and the king of ging Ed Sheeran get together to change the perception of people with Moroccan sunset hair.”

All jokes aside, Sheeran and Harry then sat side-by-side and shared a message about the real reason for the video.

"Guys, this World Mental Health Day, reach out, make sure your friends, strangers, look out for anybody that might be suffering in silence. We’re all in this together," Harry said, to which Sheeran seconded.

The caption alongside the video read: "It’s World Mental Health Day! Both Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran want to ensure that not just today but every day, you look after yourself, your friends and those around you. There’s no need to suffer in silence - share how you’re feeling, ask how someone is doing and listen for the answer. Be willing to ask for help when you need it and know that we are all in this together. #WMHD."

The post also listed 20 Instagram accounts that those suffering can turn to for support and resources.

Within seven hours, the video racked up nearly two million likes and more than 6,000 comments. Ryan Reynolds was among those to take to the comments section, sharing three praise hand emojis.

Another Instagram user wrote, "Amazing - we’ll done both of you - fantastic video for a brilliant cause."

Another follower shared, "Brilliant. Such a smart way of bringing this to the forefront. I couldn't stop laughing."

"Thank you Prince Harry and Ed for acknowledging those who suffer from mental heath [sic] illnesses and continuing to support the ones who cannot support themselves. Thank you for using your platforms and standing together to have a voice for those who don’t. I appreciate it so much," one person commented.

I'll go ahead and mirror what the aforementioned Instagram users said and thank Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran for using their voices to raise awareness about this extremely important cause. Well done, guys!