Live Your Best Life All Summer Long With This Motorized Pool Float Available On Amazon

Some people like to get their summer bod in order before pool season hits, but I'm more concerned with what kind of float I'm going to rock in the water. With so many options to choose from, sometimes it can be hard to decide on just one option. However, I think I've found the granddaddy of all pool floats and it's the only one you'll need to max and relax all summer long. Poolcandy's Splash Runner Motorized Pool Float is going to be your go-to water toy this summer. (S/o to People for finding this amazing pool float.)

Spring is in full effect and the hot summer weather is almost here. With May 27, Memorial Day, viewed by many as the unofficial start of summer (the first day is actually Friday, June 21), it's time to think about how you're going to live your best life out on the water. That's where Poolcandy's Splash Runner Motorized Pool Float comes into play. First of all, yes, it actually does have an engine that runs on batteries. According to Amazon, the float features a 66-watt motorized propeller system. It's a rather genius invention if I do say so myself. There won't be any of that awkward paddling and splashing yourself with water when you're not trying to get wet. You can kick back and relax with the added luxury of being able to move around your preferred body of water with very minimal effort.


The motorized pool float is available for purchase on Amazon for a whopping total of $199.99 at the time of publication. (Keep in mind that prices and availability are subject to change.) Now, it's not cheap, but just remember that you can be as lazy as you want thanks to the float's motorized capabilities. Some things in life are worth paying for and this is one of them, IMO. The float isn't available for Prime shipping, but the good news is that it still can be delivered right to your front door for free.

According to Amazon, the motorized pool lounger gives you "complete freedom of movement with 360 degrees of control." It's no fun when you get stuck in the corner of the pool and you have to use your legs to launch yourself off the side to get back in the center of the water. Problem solved, thanks to Poolcandy's Splash Runner lounger. This may just be the true definition of living your best life.

The Splash Runner is made from heavy-duty PVC vinyl, according to Amazon. The material should be strong enough to help protect it from popping against sticks in the water and other sharp objects. So, how big is it? It's fairly sizable, so keep that in mind for transport purposes. Overall, the float measures 44-inches across and 66-inches in length.


The name of the float specifically says "swimming pool," but I see no reason why you can't take the air-filled contraption out on the lake, ocean, or whatever body of water you want (safely, of course). The best part about this float, aside from the built-in motor, is that there's no assembly required, per Amazon. Once this bad boy shows up at your doorstep, all you have to do is inflate it and pop the D batteries into place (make sure to add those to your cart before you check out). That could be time-consuming. So, I definitely recommend using a pump or taking it somewhere to have it professionally blown up.

If you're looking for a way to revolutionize your summer, this is it. Everybody's probably already seen your giant swan/unicorn/glitter float (although, those never get old to me). But, why not switch things up a bit this summer and show up with a motorized pool float? I say go for it.