Pizza Hut Is Offering Large 2-Topping Pizzas for Just $6 To Drown March Madness Sorrows

Courtesy of Pizza Hut

Living in one of the country's most expensive cities means I am forever ballin' on a budget. So, it brings me a tremendous amount of joy (and also relief, TBH) that Pizza Hut will be offering a major discount on their large pizza pies this week, to kick off the beginning of April. Yes, you heard that loud and clear, my friends — Pizza Hut's $5.99 pizza deal for April 2019 is a totally delicious discount, and I, for one, am absolutely elated. It's the tastiest deal I've yet to see.

For these past few weeks, you have most likely been eagerly awaiting a free Pizza Hut P'Zone — that is —  if a NCAA March Madness Division I team comes back from a 17-point deficiency and wins one of the Final Four games. However, while you wait for the results to come through, Pizza Hut is offering an incredible sale that's sure to fill you up with all the cheese, sauce, and crust you'll ever need. And if your pizza funds are, well, somewhat limited, this discount is definitely coming to each and every one of you as a major blessing.

Starting on Tuesday, April 9, according to the brand, 'za fans and carbohydrate enthusiasts like myself are going to be able to get themselves any Large 2-Topping pizza for a major discount of only $5.99, according to the brand. That's right, guys — usually a 2-topping large pie from Pizza Hut comes to about $14.50, depending on where you order from, according to the website. But they're saving you a full $9, which is a total miracle. In all honesty, nobody can be sure what any of us did to deserve this, but I'm trying my best not to question it.

Courtesy of Pizza Hut

If you're too sleepy to get off the couch and walk or drive to your nearest Pizza Hut location, on the other hand, this deal won't apply to you. Sadly, according to the brand, this deal only applies to carryout orders, not for delivery. So, if you need to find your nearest Pizza Hut location, make sure to check out the brand's online locator and either type in your zip code, or allow the website to use your location. It's easy, and hopefully for you, there's a Pizza Hut restaurant near your house or apartment.

Luckily, this tantalizing deal is available for quite a while. According to the brand, the Large 2-Topping Pizza for $5.99 is only available for a full six days, between April 9 and April 15. And seriously, what is better than engorging yourself with a maximum amount of cheese, along with a minimum amount of spending? The answer is absolutely nothing. This is paradise, people.

Pizza Hut is coming in clutch with this week-long sale. A Large 2-Topping Pizza for only $5.99 is absolutely bonkers, and in all seriousness, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be getting one every day of the week. There are literally lattes more expensive than that, y'all, and a pizza surpasses a fancy beverage any day.