Sagittarius & Pisces' Astrological Compatibility Is Full Of Potential

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Astrological compatibility can be a double-edged sword. When you first start dating someone new and your compatibility is great on paper, it can feel like the planets are (literally) aligning and your love story is fated. But if your signs aren't exactly a perfect match, as is the case with Pisces and Sagittarius' astrological compatibility, your love story can seem cosmically doomed from the start.

Here's the good news: Astrology isn't destiny, and any zodiac pairing is totally capable of having a healthy, happy, and fulfilling connection. Sure, there may be a few roadblocks to overcome, but that can be said about any couple regardless of their zodiac signs.

If you happen to be one half of a Sagittarius-Pisces duo, here are the strengths and conflicts these two signs typically experience in a relationship.

Sag & Pisces’ Connection Is Joyful.

One of Sag and Pisces’ greatest strengths as a couple is that they're both very optimistic and view the future as bright and brimming with possibility. Plus, both signs also tend to be pretty chill. Pisces is too caught up in their fantasy world to sweat the small stuff, and Sagittarius (whose ruling planet, Jupiter, is associated with luck) has learned that things just tend to work out for them.

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Since neither sign takes life (or themselves) too seriously, they often feel as though they've found a kindred spirit in one another. They see each other as someone they can laugh with, let their hair down around, and just enjoy life’s simple pleasures with. This open and joyful attitude extends into the bedroom as well. There are many giggles and kisses involved when this couple gets intimate. The one disconnect? A water sign like Pisces tends to want a deeper emotional connection in the bedroom than a fire sign like Sag, who is happy to keep it light and purely physical, no strings attached.

Building Trust Is Their Biggest Challenge.

It might take this couple some extra time and effort to build and maintain trust. Since they can both be a bit indecisive about where they want the relationship to go, their dynamic can be pretty on-and-off-again. In each other, they feel like they found someone they can see themselves settling down with for the rest of their lives, but this also means giving up the freedom of single life — not something Sag is totally down for. This indecision can breed mistrust, which, if left unchecked, can drive the two apart. It also doesn't help that Sag is a notorious flirt, and Pisces is highly emotional and sensitive.

They Respect One Another’s Need For Space.

Sag and Pisces may share a similar outlook on life, but there's one fundamental difference between the two. Pisces is all about philosophical pursuits and spends a lot of time thinking about life. Sag, on the other hand, is focused on action and actually doing whatever comes to mind or ignites their imagination. Therefore, Sag needs a lot of freedom to roam, whereas Pisces requires space to be quiet and contemplate.

Fortunately, both signs are mutable, which means they have the flexibility to adapt to one another and give each other room to just be themselves. Neither sign is overly dominating and both are happy to just coexist. Pisces, unlike other water signs, has the confidence to let go and give their partner space, and Sag is more comfortable sticking around when they don't feel trapped or held down.

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Pisces and Sagittarius may seem like an odd couple at first glance, but a deeper look shows that, when both their hearts are in the right place and open to compromise, they have plenty of potential to become a powerhouse pairing.