Peter's new 'Ghost'-inspired 'Bachelor' promo gets steamy

You Need To Stop What You're Doing To Watch The Sexiest 'Bachelor' Promo Of All Time


Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor has undoubtedly has gotten a bit complicated. From ex-bachelorette Hannah B. nearly coming back, to other women returning, and still others sending themselves home, it's clear this pilot has had an unconventional Bachelor journey thus far. And between all the moments of drama, it's also been super steamy. Now, ABC made it that much hotter in a new Ghost-inspired Bachelor promo that puts Peter's good looks on display and teases just how "messy" love can be.

Ghost was a hit 1990 romantic thriller that featured Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. When Swayze's character, Sam, is murdered, his ghost remains on the earth and pairs up with a psychic (Whoopi Goldberg) to warn his lover of potential danger from those who killed him. But before the deathly scene, the pair is shown in several intimate moments that made viewers sweat.

But even if you haven't seen Ghost, you're probably familiar with the pottery wheel clip, where Swayze sits behind Moore as they craft some art together. Things get steamy as they start to kiss, and the scene has become an iconic representation of the film to this day.


Well, Bachelor producers recognize things can get just as hot and heavy on their show, and put Bachelor Peter at the center of the action and behind his very own pottery wheel in the latest promo. The pilot looks dreamy with his eyes closed, enjoying the moment as he clasps the clay cylinder in front of him. Shirtless.

Then, several pairs of female hands appear from behind him (there's no spoilers on whose hands they are) and start clasping the Bachelor's bare chest, covering him in clay. Check out the full trailer below for a look at the spicy scene:

At the end of the promo, Whoopi Goldberg appears (which appropriately nods to her role in the 1990 film), and says: "Peter, you in danger, boy," before the hands pull him back to fall out of his chair.

The clip appropriately ends with the words "love is messy" on the screen, nodding to both the clay-filled scene as well as all the chaos that has ensued in his season thus far. And from Goldberg's warning, it seems things won't be taming down anytime soon for Peter or his contestants.

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor continues on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.