Peter Weber in The Bachelor.

Peter Revealed The Signal 'Bachelor' Producers Give When They Want Contestants To Kiss


Pilot Pete certainly had an, um... interesting season of The Bachelor. His search for love was stuffed with drama, from Champagne-Gate to Barb Weber disapproving of front-runner Madison Prewett in one of the most uncomfortable After the Final Rose specials ever. But it's important to remember that there was plenty of behind-the-scenes tinkering that influenced these events. Look no further than Peter Weber's quote about how Bachelor producers get contestants to kiss, because it is very illuminating.

During an April 18 interview on Us Weekly's Here for the Right Reasons podcast, the former Bachelor shared some juicy secrets about the filming process that might just make you reevaluate everything. He also questioned if he was truly the Bachelor who kissed the most women on night one.

"I don't know if I actually am the Bachelor that did that!" Peter said, adding that in many cases, not all of a lead's first-night makeouts are shown in the actual episode. "Everyone kisses a lot of people, but I probably just played ball a little bit too much with the producers," he continued. "I was being given this [signal] the entire time... [the producers] wanted that and hey, if I was feeling it with the girl, I was gonna go for it."

Peter also explained the producers' hand signal, saying, "Producers, if they think it's a good time to kiss, they'll... tap their fingers or have their phone that says, 'Kiss.' The first night, though, it's usually [the girls'] names behind their head... and then it'll segue from that to, 'All right, you should do this, we think it's a good time.' And then I got labeled, I guess, the most-kissed Bachelor."

Although Peter ended up dating former contestant Kelley Flanagan for 10 months after his season aired, there was plenty of on-screen drama when he got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss while still harboring feelings for Madison.

"People ask, like, do I regret the way things went or doing the show and honestly, no, that's the honest answer," Peter said. "Do I wish I could have ended up better, like, do I wish I was engaged to someone right now? Yes. And [do I wish] it would have worked out? 100%."

Maybe Pilot Pete will show up in Bachelor in Paradise this summer, but until then, he seems ready for whatever life throws his way.