Pete Davidson Made A Joke About Having Sex With His Mom, & WTF?!

by Candice Jalili
Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you thought today was just going to be another normal day, think again. Pete Davidson’s joke about having sex with his mom is about to change your life as you know it, because guys... it's weird. Not in an "OMG he might actually do it" way, but definitely in a "That's something I don't want to imagine, WTF Pete" way, if you catch my drift.

No? OK, let me backtrack for a second. Despite his fame and what most of us would guess would be his fortune, Davidson actually still lives with his mom, and he definitely hasn't been shy about that fact. He even joked about his living situation in May 2019 on Saturday Night Live. "This is going to be a special Mother's Day for me, because this year, she's not just my mom, she's also my roommate... I know what people think," he joked. "They see you on TV and magazines and stuff and they think, 'Wow, that guy must have a place.' Nope! But it's not like I moved into her house. I just bought a house with my mom, like a winner."

As if that wasn't enough, he even brought his mom, Amy Waters Davidson, onto the show. On the segment, she wore a pink sweatshirt with her own face stitched next to Pete's. It was a lot, and I literally don't think I could possibly love it more.

But just when you thought Davidson literally could not get any closer to his mom, he made a super NSFW joke about her during an appearance on Tan France's show Dressing Funny. It all started when France asked Davidson if his mom dates. "I'm trying to get her to," Davidson responded. OK, normal enough. Then France asked how Davidson feels about his mom dating. Again, not a weird question. "I don't care. Someone should slam her. Seriously, she's been, like, not with anybody since, like, my dad died," Davidson shared. "Someone needs to get up in that and get that lady off my back!"

When France warns Davidson that his mom might see the clip, Davidson responds by saying — and this is where things get really weird — "I don't care... at this point I might fuck her."

France continues, asking, "If she were to bring somebody home and you thought he was a d*ck, would you say something to her?" Pete responded, saying, "Yeah, I'd be like, 'That guy's not cool, but like, get it in,' you know what I mean?" To that, France just stared incredulously, as I am doing, right now.

He was obviously joking, but like... LOL? I can't fully laugh at this because I'm that uncomfortable? Help.

The joke about his mom wasn't the only NSFW thing Davidson said during his appearance on Dressing Funny. When France asked him "How are ya?" during the show's intro (where they're both in bed together), Davidson responds: "I'm great. I just got my results back, I ain't got s**t. And there were some sketchy ones." Because they're, you know, literally in a bed together, France responds by joking that he's glad he and Davidson didn't use protection. To this, Davidson jokes: "It's disrespectful. It is! If I was a girl, I'd be like, 'What? Do you think I'm dirty?' I never wear a condom! I'm a gentleman."

Pete! WTF! That being said, STDs are no joke. And wearing a condom is an easy way to avoid getting any. So... rubber up, people. I promise it's not disrespecting anyone.