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Pete Davidson Moved Out Of His Mom's House & His New Place Sounds Lush AF

Dia Dipasupil/WireImage/Getty Images

Pete Davidson would be the first person to admit he’s a mama’s boy (because there’s nothing wrong with being besties with your mom). But recently, the Saturday Night Live jokester made a big move that might seriously surprise you. After four years of basement living, Pete Davidson moved out of his mom’s house.

In a video call posted to TikTok on April 2, the 27-year-old comedian revealed that not only has he packed up his bags, but he’s officially upgraded to his own space. “I’m fully out, I got a pad,” Davidson said on the call as he unlocked the front door to said pad.

While I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for him to give an influencer-style house tour during the Zoom call (like he did with his previous man cave), a guy definitely deserves his privacy. But from the sound of things, the new bachelor pad is v fancy — so here are all the details.

Davidson’s new spot is a high-rise, luxury condo that he purchased for $1.2 million.

According to The New York Post, the Staten Island property features two bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. With huge floor-to-ceiling windows, the condo apparently has a perfect view of Manhattan’s iconic skyline, too. It also has an adorable terrace that’s perfect for romantic date nights — perhaps with his current boo and everyone’s Bridgerton fave Phoebe Dynevor?

He’s already started redecorating his new space.

In photos of the property, the lush condo featured lilac walls and is staged with pastel furniture to match. It’s a whole vibe — but not necessarily Davidson’s! It can be assumed he decided to make some changes to the space to match his own interior design taste, because at the end of the Zoom call posted to TikTok, you can see that the purple walls have been repainted white. In contrast, his furniture looks black, which makes sense, considering the look of his previous spot that features a similar, lowkey aesthetic.

Check out the video call below.

He's still lives close to his mom.

Which is so sweet. In 2016, the actor purchased a $1.3-million home for his mother, Amy Waters Davidson. That house, which she still lives in, is also located in Staten Island — which isn’t a total shocker, since both Davidson and his mom proudly hail from the New York City borough. Even though the true distance between the two houses is unknown, the fact that they’re in the same area is already a major win for mother-son quality time. We love to hear it!