People Who Love Sleeping Run Into These 6 Struggles Every Single Weekend

by Caroline Burke

When you consider sleeping to be one of your top three favorite activities, the weekend can seem like a 48-hour period of endless opportunity. There's more time to sleep in, extra potential for a lovely afternoon nap, and no reason to set an alarm whatsoever. The weekends can be a complete and utter snooze-fest in the absolute best way — but people who love sleeping can run into some serious struggles on the weekend, too. As it turns out, sleeping through your two days off each week isn't all fun and games.

Depending on what your living situation is, and what type of sleeper you are, then your ability to sleep in can either be a total breeze, or a victory you have to actively work for. Plus, you inevitably have to navigate the constant tightrope walk of how to maintain a social life while simultaneously sleeping your life away for two days straight — not to mention the possibility of bed sores (which I'm only half-kidding about, BTW: bed sores are straight-up scary).

Serious sleep-lovers have an entire set of struggles that are exclusive to their own world. They might not get that much pity for their pains, but there might be more obstacles than you would originally think when you're the kind of person who just wants to sleep all weekend long.

Making It To Brunch On Time

Most brunch menus tend to cut off at around 2 p.m. or so, which might mean you're going to end up sprinting to your favorite eatery after sleeping the morning away.

Here's hoping the wait time isn't too long, otherwise you might end up having to swap your waffles for a BLT. Tragic, I know.

Finding Time To Do Literally Nothing

You know that saying about how even Beyoncé only has 24 hours in her day? Yeah, well you only have about 12 daytime hours to relax as much as humanly possible, and even though the afternoon might feel totally endless at first, it might seem like you're strapped for time when you just finished the first season of The Handmaid's Tale, and you still haven't left your bed yet.

Snoozing in and out of consciousness all day can sometimes make the day go by faster than usual, which can be both a good and a bad thing, depending on the circumstances.

Missing The Coffee Window

Most experts agree that it's a bad idea to slurp coffee after about mid-afternoon, and if you're a caffeine addict like me, then you treasure your morning hours as an opportunity to gulp down a few cups of coffee.

If you wake up at noon, though, you don't have nearly as much time to enjoy that morning buzz — unless you plan to stay up pretty late, in which case, you can order that double-shot of espresso to-go.

Never Feeling Well-Rested, Even After 12 Hours Of Sleep

The weekend may bring you some extra opportunities to sleep, but it also provides you with extra opportunities to do things that inhibit your body's ability to sleep, like drinking alcohol and eating greasy food right before bed.

If you drink a lot on a weekend night, you might wake up after 11 hours of sleep, only to find that you're still totally wiped out. This is perhaps the most quintessential weekend struggle for sleep fanatics everywhere.

Messing Up Your Sleep Cycle For The Next Week (And Beyond)

Getting a good night's sleep is never a bad idea, but the myth that you can compensate for the sleep you lost during the week by snoozing a ton on the weekend is exactly that: a myth. Sleep debt is a real thing, according to Harvard Health, and the best way to have a healthy sleep cycle is to try to keep it consistent both during the week and on the weekends.

In fact, if you end up sleeping way more on the weekends than during the week, you might actually do more harm than good for your overall sleep cycle, as this confuses your body more than if you'd simply slept the same amount of time as usual.

The Heart Attack You Get When Your Weekday Alarm Goes Off

It's an absolutely brutal thing when you plan to sleep in and enjoy a lazy Saturday morning, only to get your sh*t rocked by a 6 a.m. alarm that you forgot to silence for the weekend.

Literally nothing is worse than waking up early and not being able to go back to sleep again. The only bonus is that you now have more time to drink coffee and laze around in bed, and that's definitely the second best thing to being in dreamland.