People On Amazon Are Freaking Out Over These 41 Miracle Products & You Will, Too

Every now and then, a product comes along that makes you kind of freak out — but in a good way, of course. Sometimes it’s a new hairspray, other times it’s a novel kitchen gadget, but the common thread is that it makes you stop and say, “How the hell did I ever live without this?” Luckily, some of the best products on Amazon share this very quality.

Although you have to spend some time searching, the site is loaded with genius products that seem like miracles — and you can tell they’re legit by how obsessively people drool over them in the reviews section.

A lot of these products are beauty-related, like a shampoo that makes your hair grow thicker, for instance, or a shaving gel that also prevents ingrown hairs. People also love raving about game-changing housewares. Most of these items are things that make chores like cooking or cleaning go much more smoothly, such as a gadget that removes the peel from garlic for you, or a mini griddle that makes pancakes in under 3 minutes.

Lastly, reviewers seem to love electronics — smart plugs and cell phone chargers and other technology that makes life more awesome. Check out this gallery of the most genius products on Amazon, all of which have tons of killer reviews.

Entertainment — People On Amazon Are Freaking Out Over These 41 Miracle Products & You Will, Too

1. An Herbal Balm Made From Eucalyptus That Soothes Achy Muscles

Tiger Balm White Ointment Pain Relief, $8, Amazon

There's nothing like Tiger Balm to soothe your muscles when you're sore or stressed out. The classic Thai pain ointment is made from a blend of eucalyptus, clove oil, camphor, and menthol, delivering swift relief to achy muscles. On top of soothing aches and pains, the herbal balm can be used to treat dizziness, stuffy nose, insects bites, and some itches or rashes.


2. A Magical Serum That Uses The Fatty Acids In Coconut Oil To Make Your Hair Stunningly Soft

Perfect Hair Coconut Oil Serum, $18, Amazon

Your hair will never feel healthier than it does after using this miraculous coconut oil serum that nourishes, softens, and conditions. Formulated with a blend of aloe vera, sweet almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E, and keratin, the fatty acids in the coconut oil stimulate hair growth while offering a layer of protection from heat and other elements. The serum is made using a cold-pressed extraction process that maximizes nutrient absorption, so your hair can soak up all of the benefits.


3. A Set Of Silicone Facial Brushes That Don't Gather Bacteria

Innerneed Super Soft Silicone Face Cleanser Brush, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

Unlike regular washcloths and facial scrubbers, these silicone facial brushes don't offer an environment for bacteria and microbial cells to grow. The ultra-soft food grade silicone is mildly textured to exfoliate your skin, and they open your pores without transferring the bacteria and grime from the bathroom to your face. It is ideal for all skin types, particularly folks with sensitive complexions.


4. A Superbly Effective Acne Spray To Use On Your Chest And Back

AcneFree Body Clearing Acne Spray, $11, Amazon

If you have body breakouts, this awesomely effective and easy-to-use body spray clears them up right away with a formula that incorporates salicylic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin B3, and aloe. If you feel like your acne bothers you, just spray it on after you shower and let the non-sticky, fast-drying formula works its magic.


5. A Genius Veggie Chopper That Lets You Dice Onions Without Crying

Mueller Australia Onion Chopper Pro, $20, Amazon

If you're someone who can't chop an onion without looking like you just watched a sad movie marathon, this onion chopper will be a game-changer. The clever kitchen gadget is designed with a plastic container that sits below a grid of stainless steel blades, offering a space to catch the onions and contain the fumes. The device reduces onion vapors and minimizes the amount of crying you do before dinner. It is dishwasher-safe and can hold up to 4 cups of vegetables, because this works with almost any veggie you want to dice up.


6. An Acupressure Mat With Thousands Of Relaxing Nodes To Ease Pain And Stress

Nayoya Wellness Acupressure Mat, $40, Amazon

Built with 6,210 acupressure points, this relaxation mat increases blood flow to tense muscles, which helps to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. As your soreness is alleviated, your body also releases feel-good endorphins that reduce anxiety and ease stress, resulting in a calmer, more relaxed state. Just spend 20 minutes a day lying on the to see reduced soreness, improved sleep, and bolstered energy levels.


7. A Heavenly Rose Water That Leaves Your Skin Fresh And Glowing

Valentia Organic Rose Water Oil, $15, Amazon

Your skin will glow and shine after using this pure rose water meant to hydrate your face while also providing nourishment and a splash of fragrance. The water, which is distilled from Turkish roses harvested by farmers in the Aksu Isparta mountains, rejuvenates your complexion while providing relaxing aromatherapy. It's a source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that clear dead skin cells and absorb excess oils, too.


8. A Brilliant Gadget That Stops Things From Falling Into The Gap In Your Car Seat

Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler, $20, Amazon

Never again drop your lipstick or cell phone down that annoying crack between the car seat and the console — this gap filler will prevent anything from sliding through. The clever gadget attaches to your seat belt catch and moves with the seat so you never have to readjust it, and it's made from stretchy neoprene that contracts or expands to fit the exact size of your car seat.


9. An Amazingly Simple Egg Cooker That Will Scramble, Poach, Or Boil Breakfast In Minutes

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, $20, Amazon

If you're always racing out the door in the morning without breakfast, this rapid egg cooker will be just what you need. The brilliant appliance is capable of making eggs hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, or scrambled, and can even make individual omelets — all within minutes by simply pressing a button. Just put the eggs in the cooker, set it to your preferred cooking style, and time it. When you hear the buzz, your eggs are ready to go.


10. A Clever Wax Balm That Keeps Your Glasses From Sliding Down

Nerd Wax Stop Glasses Slipping Wax, $11, Amazon

Stop your glasses from sliding down your face with this simple but genius Nerd Wax. Just dab a bit of the beeswax-based balm to the bridge of your glasses and put them on. The grippy wax will hold them in place for up to a full day, depending on your activity level and how much you apply. As a bonus, it's made from all natural ingredients that won't irritate the skin.


11. A Pack Of Reusable Twist Ties You Can Use For Practically Everything

Nite Ize Reusable Twist Ties, $11 (8 Pack), Amazon

Whether you use them to organize cords, tie up headphones, seal snack bags, bundle flowers, sort fishing gear, or go full MacGyver on a DIY home project, these reusable twist ties will be the handiest gadgets you have in your drawer. Constructed with soft rubber over a sturdy internal wire, they are tough, durable, and fully waterproof. The versatile gear ties, which come in a pack of eight, hold their shape perfectly and offer a stellar grip.


12. A Fabulously Hydrating Face Oil That Nourishes Your Skin With Japanese Camellia

Amaki Skincare Japanese Tsubaki Face Oil, $24, Amazon

Dry skin will be a thing of the past when you start using this ultra-hydrating face oil. The nourishing formula is a mix of Japanese Tsubaki oil (aka camellia), argan, vitamin E, jojoba, sunflower, chamomile, neroli, lavender and rice bran oil. The ingredients work together to moisturize, repair, and rejuvenate your skin without clogging your pores. The solution is also chock-full of antioxidants that help treat sun damaged skin, smoothing out your complexion and making it glow. One reviewer writes: "I don't write reviews when I get products bought from amazon. BUT this one is gold. there's nothing else I can say about this oil."


13. An Eco-Friendly Smart Notebook That Syncs With iCloud And Google Drive

Rocketbook Everlast Resuable Smart Notebook, $32, Amazon

When creativity strikes, jot down your notes, sketches or drawings in this reusable smart notebook — then sync it with Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, and other apps to keep your pages backed up and secure. To write or draw, use the included Pilot Frixion pen and when it's full, simply wipe the notebook clean with a damp cloth and start over.


14. A Fantastic Natural Deodorant Made With Lavender And Mint

Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant, $14, Amazon

Rather than lathering chalky white chemicals under your arms, try this smooth, all-natural deodorant instead. Made in Bali with seaweed extract, mineral salt, aloe vera, coconut oil, and essential oils including rose, lavender, mint, and magnolia, the antiperspirant keeps you dry and odor-free without the use of aluminum chlorohydrate, zirconium, phthalates, or other chemicals found in common deodorants.


15. A Powerful Flat Iron That Won't Damage Your Hair — And Has Over 30,000 Reviews

HSI PROFESSIONAL Ceramic Flat Iron, $38, Amazon

Whether you have fine, straight hair or a thick mane of curls, this powerful flat iron will straighten it into perfectly smooth locks. Built with micro-sensors that prevent heat damage, the top grade ceramic plates regulate the temperature so you can reduce the number of time you have to pass it through. The plates are constructed with ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates that create a soft, silky finish.


16. A Metallic Bar That Makes Cooking Odors Miraculously Disappear

Amco Rub-A-Way Bar Odor Absorber, $12, Amazon

Cooking with fish, garlic, and onions may taste delicious but it tends to make your fingers smell less than desirable. This brilliant rub-away stick uses stainless steel molecules to bind with the sulfur on your hands, which transfers the odor to the metal. When you're done cooking, simply rub the bar between your hands just like you would with a regular stick of soap — and watch the odors disappear.


17. A Set Of Reusable Bag Clips That Keep Bread And Other Food Fresh

OXO Good Grips Bag Cinch, $11 (3 Pack), Amazon

Let's face it — those little plastic clips that come on the end of bread bags don't really work. To get a proper seal, you need something stronger, like these reusable bag clips. They'll keep your bread, rice, nuts, beans, and other foods fresh and fully sealed for days, and they feature plastic teeth inside that grip the bags securely, cinching them together and keeping everything airtight.


18. A Clever Pot Clip You Can Rest Your Stirring Spoon On

Trudeau Flex Pot Clip, $8, Amazon

Rather than splashing soup and pasta sauce all over the counter every time you set your stirring utensil down, this genius pot clip offers a clean place to rest your spoon. The clever device attaches directly to the pot or edge of the pan, channeling dripping food back in the pot rather than all over the stove. It features heat-resistant silicone and durable stainless steel.


19. A Miracle Shampoo That Makes Your Hair Thicker And Fuller

Pure Biology Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, $27, Amazon

Made with the powerful proprietary complexes 3HC and Amino Kera NPNF, the ingredients in this shampoo work with its biotin and keratin extracts to stimulate growth and reduce breakage and loss. The formula strengthens each strand of hair, and even creates more intense volume. The shampoo, which features a refreshing citrus-lemon scent, has reviewers saying things like: "Great shampoo to revitalize your hair! Smells great and strengthens your hair!"


20. An Alarm Clock That Makes You Chase After It In The Morning

Nanda Home Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock, $40, Amazon

You will never love (and sort of hate) any alarm clock so much in your life. "Clocky" will literally run away from you in the morning: It leaps off your nightstand and forces you to get out of bed to turn it off. On top of that, it will beep robotically and flash a light as it moves. The durable clock can jump off surfaces up to 3 feet high. If you're not into the whole runaway clock thing, you can disable the wheels and use it as a regular alarm clock.


21. The Weighted Blanket That Will Help Reduce Your Anxiety

YnM Weighted Blanket, $119, Amazon

There's nothing like cocooning yourself in an oversized blanket to feel make you feel cozy and secure, especially if you're someone who's prone to sleeplessness or anxiety. The weighted blanket simulates the sensation of being held or hugged, calming your nervous system and helping you fall asleep faster. With options ranging from 5 to 25 pounds, you can choose how snug you want it, and the weighted inner layer is made of 100 percent cotton.


22. A Magical Alarm Clock That Simulates Waking Up To The Sunrise

Veholion Light Therapy Lamps, $36, Amazon

Whether you have trouble waking up or just want an extra kick of energy, this light therapy alarm clock is a fantastic way to supercharge your mornings. The alarm clock features a timed light release that begins 30 minutes before you want to wake up. It'll gradually emit increasing levels of light, simulating a natural sunrise until your whole room is bright. It also makes the sounds of birds chirping, waves crashing, and other delightful nature noises that make it feel like you're waking up outside.


23. A Memory Foam Pillow That Prevents You From Overheating At Night

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow, $50, Amazon

Sink into a world of impossibly cozy comfort with this ultra-soft memory foam pillow from Snuggle-Pedic. The inside of the pillow is made with a blend of polyester and bamboo, while the cover is extra breathable and micro-vented design to keep you from getting hot and sticky. Bonus: The contoured shape, which molds to the curves of your neck and face, will also never go flat.


24. A Squatty Potty That Makes Pooping More Relaxing While Looking Good In Your Bathroom

Squatty Potty Slim Teak Finish, $60, Amazon

If the original Squatty Potty wasn't already great enough, this alternate version is made from a stylish teak wood that accents your bathroom. The teak-style Squatty Potty is lighter than the plastic one and the legs turn out sideways, giving it more toe room than the classic version. If you're not familiar with the concept, the Squatty Potty is a device that lifts your knees above your hips when you use the bathroom, so your colon is properly aligned for smoother bowel movements.


25. An Eco-Friendly Veggie Bag That Keeps Produce Fresh For Two Weeks

Vejibag Resusable Veggie Bag, $19, Amazon

Rather than using those plastic bags from the grocery store that litter the earth and make your cilantro slimy, try this awesome reusable veggie bag instead. Next time you go to the grocery store, bring the cotton sack with you and load it full of lettuce, carrots, celery, and other produce. The breathable bag will keep your vegetables fresh and crisp for up to two weeks.


26. A Set Of Miracle Sponges That Clean Better And Last Longer

Superior Performance Micro Fiber Miracle Sponge, $9 (3 Pack), Amazon

You have to try these microfiber sponges to appreciate the life-changing difference that one little layer of material can make. The protective exterior prevents the sponge inside from getting tattered, and its textured surface allows you to scrub dishes more thoroughly without having to reach for the scouring pad. The sponges are long-lasting, durable, and effective.


27. A Coconut Body Scrub That Leaves Your Skin Blissfully Soft

Baebody Coconut Milk Body Scrub, $15, Amazon

Not only does this luxurious body scrub exfoliate your skin, it makes it impossibly soft too. Made with an aromatic mix of almond oil, coconut, sunflower, apricot, and grapeseed oil, the formula uses vitamin E and other natural ingredients to enrich your skin as it sloughs off dead cells. The result is that your skin will be revitalized, smooth, and glowing.


28. The Australian Ointment You Can Use In A Variety Of Ways

Lucas Papaw Ointment, $9, Amazon

This papaw ointment is truly a miracle balm, capable of treating just about anything you can imagine. Made from Australian papaw fruit, the ultra-hydrating ointment has been used for over a century to soothe dry skin and heals cracks or cuts. On top of that, Aussies use it on insect bites, stings, bruises, boils, abscesses, burns, swelling, splinters, and chafed skin. It can also be used to treat acne and pimples, soothe sunburns, and reduce eczema.


29. A Makeup Remover That Won't Make Your Skin Dry Or Itchy

Bioderma H20 Micellar Water, $15, Amazon

If your makeup remover dries out your eyes or makes your skin itch, you have to give this micellar water a try. The formula regulates the sebum quality in your skin and cleanses as it wipes it free of blush, mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, and other cosmetics. It'll also prevent your pores from clogging, and help keep your skin clear as a bonus. One reviewer writes: "Gets my face squeaky clean without stripping. I use this as a final cleanse after I remove my make-up. Removes everything left behind by other cleansers."


30. A Special Shaving Gel That Gets Rid Of Ingrown Hairs

PFB Vanish Roll-On Shaving Gel, $23, Amazon

If you tend to get ingrown hairs when you shave, this exfoliating shaving cream will be your new best friend. The roll-on gel is formulated specifically to fight ingrown hairs and razor burn. It's loaded with moisturizers and exfoliants that reduce bumps and release the hairs trapped under your skin. Use it once a day and watch the ingrown hairs disappear — and best of all, it comes in a convenient roll-on.


31. A Cute Mini Griddle That Makes Pancakes In Under 3 Minutes

Dash DMS001RD Mini Griddle, $13, Amazon

Whether you want cookies or fresh pancakes, this adorable mini griddle will make you single serving helpings in less than 3 minutes. It has a convenient non-stick surface that evenly cooks your food and an indicator light that turns off when you reach the optimal cooking temperature. The cool griddle comes with a special recipe book and access to an online database to give you kitchen inspiration.


32. A Collagen Peptide Powder That Makes Your Skin, Bones, And Hair Thrive

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, $43, Amazon

Perfect for stirring into juice or adding to smoothies, these collagen peptides provide rich nourishment for your skin, hair, tendons, cartilage, bones, and joints. The powder is capable of dissolving in both cold and hot liquids so you can mix it coffee, tea, oatmeal, or soup, in addition to cold beverages. The formula will promote healthy skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails.


33. The Sticks That Keep Your Drains Clear

Sani Sticks Drain Cleaner And Deodorizer, $17 (48 Pack), Amazon

These miracle drain sticks prevent your sink and tub from clogging up with hair and grime, allowing you to clean the drain every day without doing any work. Just drop a stick in the drain once a month, and the super concentrated wand will release powerful enzymes over time that break down oil and grease to keep your drain clear. They are safe for your plumbing, are unscented, and don't have any toxic chemicals.


34. The Odd Little Bulb That Preps Your Garlic Cloves

HIC Harold Import Co. Garlic Peeler, $6, Amazon

Garlic tastes so delicious, but it's the absolute pain to peel. This awesome kitchen gadget saves you the hassle by removing the skin with one easy motion. Just place the garlic clove inside and roll the peeler back and forth between your hands. On top of making the process faster and easier, your fingers won't smell like garlic when you're done — and it's dishwasher-safe and features a grooved exterior to give you a solid grip.


35. A Skin Peel That Protects Your Cuticles From Nail Polish Remover

Bliss Kiss Latex Peel-Off Cuticle Guard, $10, Amazon

Made of liquid latex, this brilliant cuticle peel offers a way to protect your skin from nail polish without creating a mess. Just apply a thin layer the skin around your nails before painting and let it dry. The formula creates a protective barrier without a harsh ammonia odor — and it's incredibly easy to peel off for a clean manicure. "I am so happy that I found out about this product!" said one Amazon reviewer. "This is so easy to use and to clean up, you just peel the product off of your skin."


36. An Intensely Hydrating Sleeping Mask That Makes Your Skin Shine

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, $24, Amazon

This gel overnight water mask is enriched with beta-glucan that offers your skin extra nourishment and mega hydration. On top being intensely moisturizing, the formula contains a fragrant blend of ingredients that relax your mind and reduce stress, so its the perfect nighttime ritual. Just apply the mask after washing your face and go to bed — in the morning, your skin will glow.


37. A Set Of Smart Plugs You Can Control Remotely With Your Phone

ANBES Smart Plugs, $49 (4 Pack), Amazon

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Echo, Google Home, and other lifestyle devices, these smart plugs allow you to set timers, create schedules, and turn things on and off remotely with just a tap of your phone. Simply download the Smart Life companion app and schedule operating hours for lamps or heaters, activate countdown functions, or identify shut-off times. The plugs save money and energy, and they're also being awesomely convenient.


38. A Pumice Bar That You Can Use Wet Or Dry

Mr. Pumice Purple Pumi Bar, $4, Amazon

Forget stone pumices — this unique polyurethane pedicure tool is built with a uniform structure that offers an even better surface for effectively removing dirt and tough calluses. The coarse bar has a ridged side and a flat side so you customize the roughness to your preference. One reviewer writes: "I constantly walk around barefoot, indoors and out, so my feet get ROUGH. I've tried those pedi-perfect gadgets, spent way too much $$ on them and they don't work. I use these on my feet almost daily when I shower, maybe a minute on each foot, and it works EXCELLENT!"


39. A Genius Device That Charges Your Phone With UV Light Rays

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer, $60, Amazon

Replace those sticky cell phone wipes with this UV sanitizer that cleans your device without any solution or chemicals. The patented contraption zaps bacteria with germicidal UVC light and a reflective interior, eliminating 99.99 percent of all the bacteria on your phone and leaving it clean and shiny. The device fits phones of all sizes and has two charging ports on the back.


40. A Handy Reading Light That Clips On To Your Book And Swivels Around 360-Degrees

BestFire Clip-On Book Light, $10, Amazon

With four levels of brightness, this clip-on book light will illuminate the pages you're trying to read, whether you're in a pitch black campground or simply a dimly lit that needs a touch of extra light. It has a flexible neck you can twist around to customize the perfect angle, and a convenient USB port. The body can rotate 360-degrees, and the base is magnetic so it can also be attached to metal surfaces.


41. An Amazing Hair Texturizer That Adds Volume Without Stickiness

ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray, $46, Amazon

Featuring a fresh formula blended with watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts, this dry texturizing spray gives your hair volume without making it crunchy or brittle. It is chock-full of nourishing ingredients — like kiwi and passion flower antioxidants to moisturize Hawaiian ginger root to add shine, mango extract to enrich, and sunflower to offer color protection. Your hair will hold its style while looking smooth and shiny.

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