Giant Gingerbread Man-Shaped Peeps Are Here To Be Your Go-To Holiday Snack

Whenever I think about Peeps, springtime comes to mind. I used to love waking up on Easter morning to a package of cute little marshmallows inside my basket (and devouring them instantly). Thankfully, it looks like Peeps aren't only here for the sunny season. In fact, the sweet treats are making a special appearance just in time for the holidays. That's right: Peeps Giant Gingerbread Man Marshmallows are here — and they're going to be your go-to holiday snacks. Plus, they're gonna make great holiday gifts. (Secret Santa, anyone?)

Let's take it from the top. Peeps come in a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes — and you can check out the marshmallow selection on the company's website. While you're browsing, you'll find everything from the original Yellow Marshmallow Chicks to spooky Marshmallow Pumpkins. (See? They aren't only for Easter.) You'll also find the Giant Marshmallow Gingerbread Man Peeps — which, in my opinion, are the superstar snacks of the season. The oversized Gingerbread Man Peeps are perfect for anyone craving something sweet throughout the holidays. They don't involve any baking or decorating (like regular gingerbread men cookies would) — so start stocking up on 'em.


As you can see, the Giant Gingerbread Man Peeps come individually-wrapped. That means you can buy a package and eat it all by yourself (or, you know, give it to someone for the holidays). Plus, they're super cheap. Get your wallet out, because you can buy one Giant Gingerbread Man Peep online for $1.25 (!!!). In other words, you can probably get all of your Christmas shopping done for less than 10 bucks if you treat your friends to these guys.

Before you go ahead and order handful of Giant Gingerbread Man Peeps, you should probably know what you're getting yourself into. Thankfully, you won't have to wonder if they actually taste like the original holiday cookies. According to the Peeps website, the Giant Gingerbread Man Peeps are gingerbread-flavored (thank goodness). They're even coated in brown sugar, per Pop Sugar. YUM.

Yup. It looks like I'll be replacing normal gingerbread cookies with Giant Gingerbread Man Peeps this year.

Like your typical gingerbread man cookies, the Gingerbread Man Peeps come with a cute little smile on their faces. Each one of them is four inches tall, which is also comparable to the usual gingerbread man cookies that you're used to seeing throughout the holiday season.

If the Giant Gingerbread Man Peeps seem too big for your liking, fear not. You can buy a case of smaller Gingerbread Men Peeps for $42 on the Peeps website. Apparently, each case contains 24 packs of Gingerbread Men Peeps, and each pack contains six marshmallows. If you buy one of those, you'll definitely be set for the holiday season.


Gingerbread man-shaped Peeps aren't the only festive marshmallows that the company is selling. You can also buy Peeps that are shaped as snowmen, reindeer, Christmas trees, and more this holiday season.

Like I said, Peeps aren't only for springtime — so stock up on the holiday shapes and start snacking.