Owning One Of These 31 Clever Products On Amazon Screams “I’m Totally Organized”

By Braelyn Wood

When everything else in life is completely chaotic, I find myself extra appreciative of my meticulously organized apartment. It's the kind of place where every pot, clothing item, and beauty product is carefully put into place. In fact, I'm the type of person who actually owns the clever products on Amazon that scream, "I'm totally organized."

You know the ones: fabric drawers for keeping your bras categorized by color, or makeup organizers that attractively display every lipstick and mascara. They're the products you secretly hope that guests (i.e. your parents) will notice when they stop by for a quick visit. The little touches that prove just how #adult your life really is.

Of course, purchasing one of these products won't turn you into a type-A personality type who enjoys spending their afternoons perusing The Container Store. However, by using a daily planner to lay out your schedule or streamlining your fridge with stackable food bins, you'll quickly discover the benefits of having your space organized. Not only are you bound to be far less stressed while trying to find your favorite sweater and leave for work on time, you might also rediscover your favorite dress from two summers ago.

So if you're ready to get your life organized, or at least your bathroom, try using these insanely clever organizational products from Amazon.

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Lifestyle — Owning One Of These 31 Clever Products On Amazon Screams “I’m Totally Organized”
by Braelyn Wood

1. This Mesh Organizer That Can Hold At Least A Dozen Pairs Of Shoes

Misslo Over The Door Shoe Organizer, $14, Amazon

This over-the-door organizer lets you make the most of the minimal space in your bedroom with 24 large mesh pockets. Each deep pocket is just under 6 inches by 8 inches with enough space to store toys, shoes, or even clothing. Made from a breathable non-woven fabric, it comes in either black and white, and hangs over the door with four included metal hooks.


2. This Outlet Shelf That Can Hold Up To 10 Pounds

Echogear Outlet Shelf, $15, Amazon

Turn your outlet into yet another space saving solution by adding on a mini outlet shelf that can hold up to 10 pounds. It'll replace your old wall plate with a convenient shelf that can hold smart homes, speakers, or even decor. It even has built-in cable management that gives easy access to the outlet for a more streamlined look — and it's incredibly simple to install.


3. A Wire Shelf That Can Hold Everything From Pasta Sauce To Lotion

EZOWare Two-Tier Organizer Rack, $22, Amazon

This two-tier rack is an aesthetically pleasing way to declutter your countertops and cupboards. It's made from a durable iron, available in both black and brown finishes, and has four legs covered in non-scratch rubber pads that prevent sliding. Just over 14 inches tall and 6 inches wide, it's great to hold storage in a small bathroom, and can even be used to hold cans and seasonings in a crowded kitchen.


4. A Best-Selling Planner That Helps Increase Your Productivity

Papercode The Simple Elephant Planner, $20, Amazon

Creating goals and tracking your progress for complete accountability in this undated planner can actually increase productivity over time. Divided into both monthly and weekly goals, the journal has enough pages and exercises to keep you motivated for at least a year. Built with three bookmarks, 59 note pages, and an elastic closure, you'll also find affirmations, vision boards, and mind maps throughout that can be used to turn your goals into a reality.


5. This Shelving Unit Is Incredibly Easy To Customize

Langria 16-Cube Plastic Organizer Cabinet, $40, Amazon

Made so each individual cube can be stacked and customized to fit your needs, this plastic organizer is a fantastic way to organize your closet, an entryway, or anywhere in your house that has a lot of stuff. It's made out of a sturdy translucent ABS plastic connected by steel framing. Every cube is sturdy enough to hold 10 pounds and is both waterproof and dust-resistant. One reviewer writes: "Love these closet organizers. I live in a moderately spaced one bedroom apartment and these beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing shelves keep me organized. I have a few in my room, a few in my bathroom, and a few in my closet."


6. These Drawer Organizers That Keep All Of Your Bras In Order

Sorbus Foldable Storage Drawers, $15, Amazon

Keeping you bras, socks, and underwear off the floors and in your drawers is much easier said than done. That's why using these foldable storage bins is the easiest way to keep everything organized and in its place. Each set comes with six different drawers, including two large square bins, two small square bins, and two rectangle bins. Available in black or white, they're made from a moisture-proof non-woven fabric that's also mold-free.


7. The Heavy Duty Fridge Organizers That Even Stack To Preserve Space

Greenco Refrigerator Organizer Bins, $31 (Set of 6), Amazon

Stay on top of expiration dates with Greenco's fridge organizing bins. Each kit comes with six drawers, including a tray for eggs, a bin for soda or other cans, two deep trays, and two narrow trays. Every drawer is stackable and made from a durable BPA-free plastic that's completely translucent, so you can see every food label and keep your fridge from becoming too unmanageable.


8. This Streamlined Box That Can Keep Two Power Strips And Their Cords Organized To Minimize Tangles

Neat&Pure Large Cable Management Box, $28, Amazon

If you're sick of tripping over cords or fear your beloved pet might chew through your charger, try hiding your cords in a cable management box. It gives your home a streamlined look while actually holding up to two power strips in a spacious box that keeps your apartment from looking like an office. Every box comes with two cable ties and two cable clips to ensure your wires stay neat and tangle-free, even in the box.


9. The Purse Organizer That Comes With Over 12 Different Pockets

JN & Grace Handbag Organizer, $20, Amazon

If your purse loosely resembles Mary Poppins' suitcase, it might be time to start using a handbag organizer. This polyester insert comes with a soft silk lining and has over 12 different inner and outer compartments to keep everything from your phone to all those loose papers and lip glosses carefully organized. The organizer is available in three colors and was designed to fit into any medium-sized bag.


10. A Sliding Drawer Organizer That Makes The Most Of The Cramped Space Under Your Sink

DecoBrothers Under Sink Sliding Basket Organizer, $25, Amazon

Turn the chaotic disaster under your bathroom sink into an organized storage space using this wire basket organizer. The double-level organizer includes a sliding basket and unconstricted top shelf that gives you access to all of your cleaning supplies and backup toiletries. Available in both chrome and bronze finishes, it can even be stacked with a second wire shelf.


11. This Cosmetics Organizer That Has 12 Drawers To Store Every Last Highlighter

Readaeer Makeup Cosmetics Organizer, $33, Amazon

Transform your vanity into the organized space of a beauty guru by storing your products in this intricate cosmetic organizer. It comes with four separate pieces that can be used separately or together as a 12-drawer organizer. The clear organizer, which comes in three colors, is sold with a black mesh padding that can be used to protect jewelry and keep things clean.


12. An Awesome Desk Lamp That's Also A Pen Holder, Alarm Clock, And Calendar

Wanijiaone Gooseneck LED Lamp, $33, Amazon

This LED lamp lets you maximize your desk space by also acting as a pencil holder for all of your knick-knacks. Designed with an LCD screen that displays the time, temperature, and date, it also acts as a USB charging port for your mobile devices. Created with a gooseneck design for ultimate personalization, the lamp has a uniform soft light that can relieve visual fatigue and offers three brightness levels.


13. This Coffee Container With A Vacuum Seal Top That Keeps Beans Fresh Even Longer

Alpha Coffee True Vacuum Seal Coffee Container, $15, Amazon

If you're sick of having coffee beans go stale or spill in your cabinet, try storing your beans in a stainless steel coffee container. It has a powerful pump system close that creates a vacuum seal designed to last up to a month. Designed to add months of freshness to tea, spices, or dried foods, it has a durable stainless steel body and a black BPA-free plastic top that prevents damaging UV rays from reaching your stored goods.


14. This Charging Station That Can Juice Up To 10 Devices At Once

Levin USB Charging Station, $46, Amazon

Charging up to 10 devices at once using Levin's powerful 60-watt station. It comes with four charging ports with built-in retractable cables for both Apple devices and standard USB devices, as well as six smart USB charging ports. It helps to eliminate cluttered countertops, and it's made from a high-quality PVC and copper wiring with premium circuitry.


15. This Shower Caddy That Hooks Over The Shower Head And Stores Bottles Sideways

mDesign Bathroom Shower Caddy, $26, Amazon

Instead of tripping over shampoo bottles, try installing this stainless steel shower caddy. It uses an innovative design that hooks over and clamps your shower head, so it also works for showers with handheld or oversized setups. Each caddy, which comes in three finishes, has six angles shelves, two hooks for hanging razors, and two horizontal lower shelves. Strong enough to hold larger bottles, it also uses suction cups to stay in places and has a rust-resistant coating.


16. The Vacuum Storage Bags That Are Large Enough To Fit Your Comforters

Zip&Win Vacuum Seal Bags, $22 (6 Pack, Amazon

Oversized comforters and puffy duvets can turn linen closets into a nightmare. But if you store them in vacuum seal bags, you'll save space and maybe even have some room for other seasonal items like winter coats. Best of all, each jumbo bag is also moisture-proof, mold-proof, and moth-proof with odor protection that keeps your linens looking fresh. Just use a household vacuum hoses to suck out air, which means you can use your bags over and over again.


17. This Cooking Set That's Made Of Silicone So It Won't Scratch Your Cookware

Miusco Silicone & Stainless Steel Utensil Set, $30 (Set of 7), Amazon

This stainless steel utensil set comes with seven perfectly matched essential kitchen items, including a soup ladle, spatula, slotted spoon, and even a spoonula. Made with a stainless steel handle attached to a silicone head that's resistant up to 240 degrees, these non-stick utensils are gentle enough to use on any cookware. Completely dishwasher-safe, they come with a stainless steel container that keeps all of your utensils safely in one place.


18. An Easy Pour Dispenser Set That Keeps Your Kitchen Counters Crystal Clean

Blümwares Oil & Vinegar Dispenser Set, $23, Amazon

Always have oil and vinegar at the ready while you cook with this dispenser set. Designed to stop accidental spills once and for all, it comes with two glass bottles — and you can fill them with whatever liquids you cook with the most. Stylish and dishwasher-safe, the bottles are equipped with a pump system that helps you control the amount of liquid dispensed on your food. Best of all, it keeps things looking organized, and your counters free of spills.


19. A Bedside Shelf That Eliminates The Need For A Night Table

Bunk Buddy Bedside Shelf, $29, Amazon

It's time to leave your bedside pile of charging cords and discarded books behind by installing a Bunk Buddy bedside shelf. It can attach to any bed frame to give you an added bedside tray to keep things like water, books, or glasses nearby. It's the perfect solution for bedrooms lacking space for a side table and even comes in five colors. One reviewer writes: "Literally the BEST bedroom furniture invention. THE BEST. I have an ikea bed with drawers underneath, so I can't really have a typical night stand unless I want to be two feet away from my bed. This is awesome. I like that it has an edge around it, so you can keep cups up there without too much worry."


20. This Rolling Shelf That's Slim Enough To Fit Into Even The Tiniest Spaces

TESTV Gap Storage Rack Shelf, $28, Amazon

Utilize every last bit of your space with this rolling shelf rack that's slim enough to fit even the tiniest openings. It's just under 6 inches wide and comes with four tiers of shelving, and they're strong enough to hold 8 pounds each. Also great for laundry rooms or bathrooms, it's made from a heavy-duty plastic that's super easy to clean and assemble — with one reviewer even writing their 6-year-old helped build it.


21. This Soap Dispenser That Mounts Onto Your Shower To Eliminate Bottle Clutter

Simplehuman Triple Wall Mount Shower Pump, $70, Amazon

Turn every shower into a spa-like experience by installing this mounting shower pump that can dispense up to three different products and eliminate the need for a lot of the bottles you keep in your shower. It can be attached to your shower walls with either adhesive or screws for easy access, and they fit a large amount of product. Rust-proof and durable, every bottle has a wide opening for quick refills, and there are convenient storage hooks to hang things like loofahs on.


22. This Stainless Steel Sink Caddy That Won't Rust Over Time

Simplehuman Sink Caddy, $17, Amazon

This stainless steel caddy securely adheres to your sink with four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger to keep your scrubber and sponges off the countertops. Rust-proof and carefully crafted from long-lasting materials, it has three compartments — including a pop-out silicone brush holder and two sponge openings. It also has built-in ventilation that maximizes airflow and helps to dry your kitchen brushes even faster, meaning you're less likely to deal with smelly bacteria.


23. A Mounted Broom Hanger That Can Hold Up To 22 Pounds

Onmier Mop and Broom Holder, $11, Amazon

This sturdy wall mount is built with friction-grip clamps that securely hold onto broom and mop handles so you won't have to shove them behind the kitchen door. Also an easy storage solution for garages or basements, the plastic organizer is screwed into the wall and can hold up to 22 pounds. There are even six sturdy plastic hooks that help maximize your organizer for smaller pieces like dustpans or rags.


24. The Towel Rack That Can Hold Up To Six Towels At Once

KES Stainless Steel Towel Bar, $23, Amazon

If your towels never fully dry between showers, it might be time to try a swiveling towel rack that can hold up to six towels at once. Made from stainless steel, there are six arms that can rotate up to 180 degrees each. Available in four finishes, it's designed to resist daily scratches or tarnishing — not to mention, installation is super easy because it arrives at your door in one piece.


25. The Food Container That Keeps Your Produce Fresh Up To 80 Percent Longer

Rubbermaid Freshworks Produce Saver, $9, Amazon

If you're sick of watching your lettuce wilt and your berries mold, try using a produce saver to keep your food fresh up to 80 percent longer. This six-cup container uses FreshVent technology to regulate oxygen flow, so your produce thrives in the ideal environment. It also has a crisping tray that keeps moisture away to reduce spoiling. Completely BPA-free, it's dishwasher-safe and available in a few different sizes.


26. These Glass Food Containers That Make Food Prep A Breeze

Chef Fresh Packs Food Prep Containers, $29 (4 Pack), Amazon

Make grabbing your lunch in the morning rush even simpler by using these glass meal-prepping containers. Sold in a set of four, each airtight and spill-proof container is divided into three compartments. Completely safe to use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, they'll cut down on dishes and make meal prep even simpler with color-coded lids. Every set also comes with six leak-proof sauce cups, ideal for dressing or condiments.


27. The Hangers That Let You Store Your Pants In The Closet

Just Life Magic Multi-Layer Pants Hangers, $13 (4 Pack), Amazon

If you can't ever seem to find your favorite pair of leggings, try using pant hangers instead. Each hanger is divided into four even compartments that helped expand your closet space to fit all your jeans and pants. They're covered in a black crushed velvet that prevents slipping, and they even double as a great organizer for scarves, belts, or even jewelry.


28. This Laundry Board That Keeps Your Shirts Folded Like They're In Store

Household Essentials Folding Board for Laundry, $6, Amazon

This folding board makes your post-laundry routine even easier by helping you save time and space — and it keeps your shirts looking like they're still at the store you bought them in. It has instructions engraved into the black composite to lead you through the folding process, and it's made with a handle to easily slip the board out of folded shirts. Easy to hang in your closet, it's also compact.


29. A Dry-Erase Calendar That's Magnetic So It Can Stick To Your Fridge

Weiji Magnetic Refrigerator Calendar, $14, Amazon

This dry-erase calendar magnetically attaches to your fridge to help you keep track of your weekly schedule, remind you of important dates, and keep a running grocery list. You won’t have to worry about staining — the clear laminate is guaranteed to wipe completely clean. Each calendar comes with three colored dry-erase pens and a large eraser attached to magnets for easy access.


30. A Styling Station With Oversized Openings Designed To Fit Most Styling Tools

Polder Style Station, $22, Amazon

Keep your bathroom counters pristine by storing your favorite styling tools in this style station. It has three oversized openings, a central spot large enough for blow dryers, and two smaller compartments for any hot tools you have. Easy to hang over a towel bar or cabinet, it comes in both black and white color options. The thoughtful design also helps your hot styling tools cool down faster, thanks to a heat-resistant mesh structure that encourages a 360-degree airflow.


31. These Cascading Hangers That Give You Additional Closet Space

Wonder Hanger Magical Cascading Hangers, $13 (8 Pack), Amazon

Maximize your closet space by using a cascading hanger that's designed to hold five items at once — it pulls down to securely place hangers, and it can withstand a lot of weight. It's even possible to fit two hangers in one slot, making it possible to hold up to 10 shirts at once. One reviewer writes: "Liked them so much I ordered a second set. Helpful in small closet with too many clothes."

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