This OtterBox Case With A Built-In PopSocket Is What Your Phone Needs This Year

You know that gut-wrenching feeling when you drop your phone and have to check if the screen cracked? Yeah, that one. I know it all too well, because I drop my phone at least five times a day (no shame). I should probably do something about my clumsiness, like buy an OtterBox case or a PopSocket. Thanks to a new collaboration between the two brands, I can purchase both at the same time. That's right: Otter + Pop By OtterBox and PopSockets is here, and it'll help protect your phone while simultaneous providing a study, built-in grip. I need one immediately.

OtterBox announced its convenient collaboration with PopSockets via press release on Monday, Jan. 7. The companies combined their go-to products to create Otter + Pop, a powerhouse phone case for iPhones in OtterBox's Symmetry Series. Otter + Pop features a one-piece OtterBox case with a built-in "PopGrip" that you can use like a PopSocket. When the PopGrip isn't being used, it can be folded back into the case like an accordion. In other words, the Otter + Pop case includes a PopSocket that disappears when you don't need it.

However, if you want your PopGrip to be seen, you can swap its PopTop (aka "swappable PopGrip") for different designs and colors. According to OtterBox, each Otter + Pop case comes with a PopGrip that matches the case's color, but you can replace it with any PopTop you'd like.


The CEO of OtterBox, Jim Parke, talked about the new phone case in a press release. He said, "OtterBox and PopSockets collaborating on an integrated case was a no-brainer. Our fans love variety, customization and sleek protection. With Otter + Pop, we can deliver that in one thin iPhone case that combines our legacy of protection with all of the unique attributes that PopSockets delivers."

Between Otter + Pop's strong case and sturdy grip, there's no way I'll be dropping my phone five times a day anymore — and I can't wait to give it a try. If you agree, you might be wondering where you can buy this case. When OtterBox's Otter + Pop was officially announced on Jan. 7, the company said it would be available "soon" on both and It looks like enough time has passed between now and then, because you can finally purchase Otter + Pop on both websites.

In order to find Otter + Pop cases on OtterBox's website, head to the company's Symmetry Series webpage. Once you're there, scroll down and click on "iPhone X/Xs." After you've selected that phone type, various Otter + Pop selections will appear on your screen. If you find one that you like, you can customize and purchase it. If you'd rather buy one from PopSocket's website, head to the company's homepage and click on "CASES." Then, a handful of Otter + Pop selections will appear on the screen.

Thankfully, the suggested retail prices for the Otter + Pop cases and accessories aren't terrible. According to OtterBox, the case should start at $59.95, and the additional PopTops should start at $8.99 each. For anyone who drops their phone as much as I do, this is a pretty great investment. Otter + Pop, here I come.