'One Day At A Time' Season 4 Is Officially Happening, But It Won't Be On Netflix


Say what you want about the extreme ups and downs of scrolling through Twitter, but the social media service has done its part to help save yet another canceled TV series. Fans of the Netflix comedy One Day at a Time were heartbroken when the streaming service canceled the show after three seasons in March, but a fervent Twitter campaign to find a new home for the series has finally hit success. One Day at a Time Season 4 is officially happening, but you won't find new episodes in your Netflix queue.

A reimagining of the 1970s sitcom featuring a single mother and her teen daughters, One Day at a Time launched on Netflix in 2017, introducing a Cuban-American family. Penelope (Justina Machado) is an Army veteran struggling with PTSD and living in Los Angeles with her Cuban-born mother Lydia (Rita Moreno) and two children Elena (Isabella Gomez) and Alex (Marcel Ruiz). Just as the original nine-season series tackled timely issues, Netflix's version covered immigration, homophobia, racism, and more while delivering the laughs and comfort that classic sitcoms are best known for.

The comedy's March 2019 cancellation led to the #SaveODAAT Twitter campaign, which called for the show to continue in some way through another outlet. It's always tricky to predict how these campaigns will go, as fans' online support reviving TV shows has only become a common strategy in recent years. It may have taken a few months, but Pop TV announced on June 27 that it has picked up One Day at a Time for Season 4, igniting the #SaveODAAT hashtag with excitement. In addition to fans' delight, messages from the cast, showrunner Gloria Calderón Kellet, and executive producer Norman Lear celebrated the second chance.

One Day at a Time's 13-episode Season 4 will air in 2020 on Pop TV, home to beloved comedy series Schitt's Creek. CBS, which owns Pop TV, will then broadcast the new episodes later in the year. In a statement, Pop TV president Brad Schwartz said:

How amazing it is to be involved with this brilliant and culturally significant series that deals with important themes one minute while making you laugh the next. If Schitt's Creek has taught us anything, it's that love and kindness always wins. Pop is now the home to two of the most critically praised and fan-adored comedies in all of television, bringing even more premium content to basic cable. We couldn't be more proud to continue telling heartwarming stories of love, inclusion, acceptance and diversity that pull on your emotions while putting a smile on your face.

Schwartz elaborated on the process of taking on One Day at a Time in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, saying, "The final season of Schitt's Creek is coming and it would be great to have another critically acclaimed, fan-adored series to pick up the mantle. So, we picked up the phone and called ... Everybody sacrificed a little bit for the deal to come together; we took the biggest swing we've ever taken."

This is the first time a streaming service's original show has moved to a cable network, and One Day at a Time fans would probably agree that the milestone couldn't happen to a more deserving series. Season 4 of One Day at a Time premieres on Pop TV in 2020 before airing on CBS later that year.