Nancy Drew and Ned on the CW's 'Nancy Drew'

Nick’s Backstory With Tiffany On The CW's ‘Nancy Drew’ Explains A Lot

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When you're a detective like Nancy Drew, it can be difficult to trust anyone. After all, Nancy is a mastermind when it comes to sleuthing, and so for her, pretty much everyone is a suspect all the time. That's especially the case now that she's trying to solve the recent murder of Tiffany Hudson, and she and all her companions are suspects in the eyes of the cops. In the first three episodes of Nancy Drew, Nancy's been especially fixated on her hook-up buddy Nick and his connection to Tiffany's death. Luckily, the latest episode cleared things up for both Nancy and the audience. Nick's backstory with Tiffany on the CW's Nancy Drew explains a lot, but it also leaves a few questions unanswered. Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 Episode 3 of Nancy Drew follow.

At the beginning of Episode 3, Nancy (Kennedy McCann) was shocked to discover Nick (Tunij Kasim) was the last person to contact Tiffany before she died, and he did so with a burner phone. Luckily, she (and the audience) didn't have to wait long to find out more about it; Nancy confronted Nick pretty much ASAP, and he revealed that there were a lot of layers to his history with Tiffany.

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Nick explained that Nancy's mom Kate was his social worker after he was arrested for accidental manslaughter a few years ago. Tiffany was the key witness in his case, and after Tiffany's testimony led Nick to get sentenced to jail time, Kate convinced Nick to allow Tiffany to visit him in prison. Thanks to this, Tiffany eventually learned the truth about Nick's crime: He only attacked the boy who died because the guy was threatening to hurt his friend. Nick explained to Nancy that once Tiffany learned the truth, she told Nick she wished she could take back her role in his conviction. Of course, she couldn't do that, but instead Nick and Tiffany developed a friendship.

It turns out, Tiffany was a big fan of books, puzzles, and creating puzzles out of books. Before she died, she left behind one last puzzle for Nick, in the form of a clock that was left in Nancy's mom's car. Luckily for Nick, Nancy's skills as a super-sleuth also make her excellent at cracking codes. She helped him figure out that the clock was leading them to a property that Tiffany owned. Once there, Nick used information from books Tiffany had loaned him to discover a hidden safe behind a brick wall, and inside that safe he found $5 million in bonds.

So, it turns out that not only were Nick and Tiffany friends, but she may have also left him a great deal of money. Of course, Nick's de facto inheritance might cause more harm than good, and it is bound to complicate things as the investigation into Tiffany's death continues. Plus, Tiffany's husband Ryan (Riley Smith) spent much of Episode 3 talking about how much he needs extra money, so if he knows Nick has some of his wife's money, he's probably going to go after it.

Season 1 of Nancy Drew continues on Wednesday, Oct. 30, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.