This Couple Travels Butt-Naked All Over The World And Documents The Adventure On Instagram

by Candice Jalili
Trinette Reed/Stocksy

Can you imagine traveling around the world with the love of your life? Ah, what a dream. Now, imagine that same dream, but also, imagine that you were naked the whole time. Oh, and also, you're super hot. OH, and also, your posting your naked traveling pictures all over social media, and the whole world is following your naked travels together and loving it. The whole traveling-the-world-naked thing might sound like a distant dream for you, but for one couple, it's a reality. The couple in question, Nick and Lins, travel the world naked and post all of their adventures on their Instagram account called @NakedWanderings.

According to Travel + Leisure, the Belgian couple, both in their mid-30s, accidentally stumbled upon nudism. LOL, because, apparently, that's a thing that happens nowadays. If you, like me, are sitting here wondering, "Just how exactly does one stumble upon nudism?" Well, let me give you a little backstory.

It all started when the couple accidentally made a reservation for some time in an all-nude sauna, The Daily Mail reports. Much to their surprise, the two actually loved the experience, and they have been trotting the globe all decked out in their birthday suits ever since. They wrote on their blog, "The liberation of taking off our clothes was extraordinary, it was pure freedom."

I mean, check them out living it up butt-naked on a beach in July:

Yes, that picture just so happened to be taken on National Nude Day, but every day is National Nude Day as far as these two are concerned.

Their nude journey started on July 3, 2017, when they started a "quest to investigate the nudist opportunities all over the world."

Even if you're skeptical about the whole being-naked-all-the-time-while-you're-traveling-the-world thing, the couple does a pretty stellar job at selling the lifestyle, particularly how it makes you feel, like “the feeling of lying naked in the grass, the feeling of a gust of wind passing your body, the sun everywhere on your skin.”

I WANT TO FEEL WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE. Also, I just want to pick up and travel the world without a care. ALSO, can I just note that my least favorite thing about traveling is packing all my stuff... which would be totally alleviated by traveling naked, because, um, what would I need to pack if I planned on being butt-naked for the entirety of my trip?!

OK, OK, to be fair, the couple isn't actually naked all of the time. No, they're actually very clear about that on their blog. While they do devote their travels to trying to find various nudist locations around the world to explore, according to their blog, they only actively practice nudism in places where clothing is either optional or prohibited.

If you're wondering if you could pull off this whole nudism thing yourself, here's some encouragement from Nick and Lins' blog. You see, before Nick and Lins became world-traveling nudists, they were pretty "normal" people with pretty "normal" life trajectories:

Both born and raised in a small Belgian town, both having a middle of the road youth: Kindergarten, elementary school, first kiss at 14, first beer at 15, first moped at 16, first moped crash at 16 and 2 weeks, you know, the average little Jane and Joe.
Then there was college. More beer, more kisses, a car, more responisibility so less crashes and the development of big dreams. Dreams about great jobs, earning lots of money, finding a partner, buying a house with a nice garden, have a dog and a kid or two. That was our idea of being successful in life. Because that’s how everyone else in the village was living and they seemed pretty happy.

Then, they met each other and everything changed. They wrote, "We met each other and fell in love, we started doubting if our “dream” was really what we wanted or if it was just something society wanted us to do and we got bitten by a mosquito carrying the world’s greatest disease: Wanderlust."

So honestly, they're not that unlike the rest of us. They're just a normal couple who fell in love and decided to give in to the urge to really, truly be free and treat the world like their very own playground.

If you have an inclination like that, don't hold back! If Nick and Lins can do it, so can you.

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