Nick Got Priyanka The Coolest Christmas Gift & I’m Officially Jealous

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The Jonas family knows how to do the holiday season right, and Nick Jonas’ Christmas gift for Priyanka Chopra this year proves it. Jonas surprised his wife with a snowmobile, and he even had it personally delivered to her by a guy dressed as Santa Claus. If that’s not the way to win Christmas, I don’t know what is — and Chopra made it clear in an Instagram post that she thinks so, too.

On Dec. 25, Chopra shared a carousel of photos and videos featuring her new gift. “Santa drove in on my bat mobile!! Aaaah!" she captioned the post. “My husband knows me so well! Thank you baby. I love you! #christmas.” After Santa drove in to present her with the snowmobile, Chopra and Jonas took it for a spin around the wintry neighborhood where they were spending the holiday. In one video, Chopra rides down the block and then stops to say, “Babe, this is amazing.” She looks absolutely thrilled, and I can see why! This gift is iconic. Jonas shared two additional photos of Chopra’s new present, with the caption, “Nothing better than seeing her smile. #christmas.”

Chopra and Jonas also posed for photos in front of the Christmas tree and gathered around the couch with family. “It’s the happiest Christmas,” Chopra wrote in another IG post. “From ours to yours. Merry Christmas.” (I'm marveling at the fact that she wore a full glam metallic look complete with hoop earrings and a dark lip... quite a contrast to the pajamas I was wearing all day. Goals AF. But I digress.)

This isn’t the first time Jonas has presented his wife with an extravagant gift. On March 12, he gave her a Mercedes-Maybach car to celebrate the Jonas Brothers song “Sucker” going number one. And Chopra reciprocated on Nov. 26 with the cutest present ever: a puppy to celebrate one year of marriage, which Jonas said was the "absolute best surprise." These two keep one-upping each other in the best possible way, and they clearly know a thing or two about pulling off surprises. I'm taking notes!

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