Netflix's upcoming 'Matilda' movie will star Ralph Fiennes as Miss Trunchbull.

Netflix Is Reportedly Remaking 'Matilda' With A Wild 'Harry Potter' Connection

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The Chokey just got even more terrifying, because Netflix's adaptation of Matilda will reportedly star the actor behind one of the most iconic movie villains ever. In a move that's bound to stir up many childhood memories, Netflix's reported Matilda remake will star Ralph Fiennes as Miss Trunchbull. That's right, Harry Potter fans — Voldemort himself will be playing Miss Trunchbull, as if the character couldn't get any scarier.

The decision to cast a man as Miss Trunchbull may come as a surprise to fans of the 1996 children's movie, which featured Pam Ferris as the cruel principal of Matilda's school, but it isn't exactly news to anyone who has seen Matilda the Musical. The stage adaptation of Roald Dahl's 1988 novel debuted on London's West End in 2011 before launching a successful Broadway run from 2013 to 2017. One of the unique choices in the stage show is that Miss Trunchbull is played by a male actor, with Bertie Carvel originating the role. Netflix's new movie will be a film adaptation of this musical.

Of course, movie lovers already know Fiennes is a pro at playing menacing villains, thanks to his iconic role as Harry Potter's wizard nemesis Voldemort. Fiennes was nearly unrecognizable in the role due to extensive make-up and prosthetics, and interestingly enough, he will likely undergo a massive, face-changing transformation yet again to play Trunchbull.

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So far, Fiennes is the only cast member reported to be attached to Netflix's new Matilda movie, but there is a rumor about who could play Matilda's beloved teacher, Miss Honey. The buzz is that Killing Eve star Jodie Comer is a top choice for Miss Honey in the Netflix film. If Comer does get cast in the part, it would be a total 180 from her biggest role as the bloodthirsty assassin Villanelle on Killing Eve, since Miss Honey is a shy and kind schoolteacher.

Matilda is just one of the several Roald Dahl adaptations Netflix has planned for the future. The streaming service is also remaking Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator with Taika Waititi as the director, along with plans to continue adapting Dahl's beloved children's books for the platform.

There is no release date yet for Netflix's Matilda movie, but hopefully the network will reveal the full cast for the project pretty soon.