The cast of The Christmas Prince: A Royal Baby on Netflix

Netflix's 2019 Holiday Lineup Will Bring You So Much Joy & Cheer

by Ani Bundel

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but that's got nothing on the coming Christmas Wars. I'm not talking about the "War on Christmas." Here in the world of entertainment, it's all about the War For Christmas Eyeballs. Between Hallmark, Freeform, and TBS playing A Christmas Story every year for at least 24 hours straight, the holiday landscape was already crowded. Then Netflix jumped in with both feet, turning itself into a streaming holiday destination for families. The Netflix 2019 holiday lineup has fun for all ages, a few twists on current favorites, and some winter romance to keep you warm.

The intensity in which channels schedule Christmas content might seem baffling to some. After all, there are no massive Easter marathons, no "25 Movies of Thanksgiving." So why is the December holiday so special? It turns out, Christmas is still the one time of year when families gather around the living room and watch live TV together, old-school appointment-television-style. In the current ever-diversifying landscape, viewership is down every year across the board for the last decade and counting. So this bastion of old-fashioned TV viewing habits has taken on an even greater significance to cable and TV broadcast channels.

It also means Netflix has sat up and taken notice. Check out the trailer for this year's offerings.

Most of the new offerings are Christmas movies, but there are a few holiday-themed specials from some of Netflix's most popular TV shows. The Great British Baking Show, for instance, does holiday episodes every year, because Christmas-themed episodes are also a tradition across the pond; so there will be new ones for American viewers to eat up. And Nailed It! will, as always, bring any holiday cooking disasters into perspective with its holiday challenges.'

But the real tradition in America is the Christmas movie, filled with romance, snow and... elephants? Yes, Netflix is bringing elephants and warm temps to the holiday party this year with Holiday In The Wild, where Kristen Davis and Rob Lowe find Christmas-time romance on Safari.

But the biggest title is the third entry into the A Christmas Prince saga. A Christmas Prince was the film that heralded Netflix's entry into the holiday film wars back in 2017, which it followed up in 2018 with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. First comes love, then comes marriage, and for 2019, fans will get A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.


Here's the current list of confirmed Netflix holiday offerings and their premiere dates:

Nov. 1

  • Holiday In The Wild

Nov. 8

  • Let It Snow
  • The Great British Baking Show: Holidays Season 2

Nov. 15

  • Klaus

Nov. 21

  • The Knight Before Christmas

Nov. 22

  • Nailed It! Holiday Season 2

Nov. 26

  • Super Monsters Save Christmas
  • True: Winter Wishes

Nov. 28

  • Merry Happy Whatever
  • Holiday Rush

Nov. 29

  • Sugar Rush Christmas

Dec. 2

  • Magic for Humans Season 2 holiday episode
  • Team Kaylie Part 2 holiday episode

Dec. 5

  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

Dec. 6

  • Spirit Riding Free: The Spirit of Christmas

Dec. 9

  • A Family Reunion Christmas