Nessa Barrett's "Pain" Lyrics & Music Video Are Melancholy, But Beautiful

Nessa's New Music Video Is So Sad & Beautiful At The Same Time


TikTok star Nessa Barrett has officially launched her singing career with her debut single, "Pain," which she co-wrote alongside Nate Cyphert and Leo Mellace. For the past few weeks, Barrett has been teasing the huge release on TikTok through videos showing her recording in the studio. Now that her first single is here, Nessa Barrett's "Pain" lyrics show she's starting off her career by letting her innermost feelings out. In the song, Barrett doesn't hold back about sometimes feeling lost and alone, which is something everyone can relate to.

Barrett's singing career has been a long time coming. She's made a name herself on TikTok through her lip-syncing videos, and, in between those clips, she's given fans teasers of her actual voice by sharing original songs. Fans couldn't get over her soft voice, which is so unique and perfect for ballads.

Seeing how her whole TikTok page was dedicated to her love of music, fans weren't surprised when Barrett revealed her "dream job" was to be a singer. "I always wanted to sing ever since I was little, so let's see where that goes. That would kind of be rad if happened one day," Barrett said in her debut Q&A YouTube video, which has since been deleted.

On June 17, Barrett made fans happy when she posted back-to-back clips of herself in the studio with a group of producers, revealing she was turning her dream into a reality.

That day finally arrived on July 31 with the release of "Pain." In the song, Barrett sings about a broken relationship. Instead of ending it, she can't seem to let go of that person, because if she does, she'll be alone.

Check out the emotional music video below.

The lyrics are just as heart-breaking, and you can read them below.

Verse 1

You took away my heart and

Told me we were different

Beautiful, with room to grow

You left me in the morning

Softly without warning

How was I supposed to know?


Oh, I'm trying

Give me a reason

To let you go

Cause right now, I can't

I'm in pain

I'm in pain

Verse 2

And I feel lost without you

Never thought to doubt you

Oh, who else is there to blame?

So save your best excuses

They can't get me through this

Maybe time can, maybe space


Oh, I'm trying

Give me a reason

To let you go

Cause right now, I can't

I'm in pain

I'm in pain


Should I say I'm sorry?

Did I mess it up?

All that you got from me

Was it not enough?


I'm in pain

I'm in pain

You're to blame

I'm in pain (Hey, yeah)

Barrett's singing career is definitely off to a strong start. Here's hoping she'll drop an EP one day because she has the potential to be a big star outside of TikTok.