Aadila Dosani and Alex Saxon in Nancy Drew.

'Nancy Drew's Aadila Dosani Teases A Major Drew Crew Romance For Her Character

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Nancy Drew is full of wild supernatural mysteries, but one of Season 2's most exciting enigmas comes in the form of two very real people: the Bobbsey twins. So far, viewers have only seen the twins in the Season 2 premiere, but Aadila Dosani, who plays Amanda on Nancy Drew, promises both siblings will play a significant role in upcoming episodes. In fact, she even teases a Drew Crew romance for her character.

During the Season 2 premiere, Amanda (Dosani) and Gil Bobbsey (Praneet Akilla) were introduced as somewhat sketchy siblings who share a gritty past. But fans also noticed some sparks flying between Gil and Nancy (Kennedy McMann) as they searched for the nightmarish Gorham Wraith that attacked Amanda in the woods. Looking forward in the season, Dosani says Gil isn't the only Bobbsey twin who makes a connection on the show.

"[Gil] is really sitting in that dark place, whereas Amanda just wants a better life and wants to experience the world," Dosani tells Elite Daily. "And she does. She really likes and falls into a relationship with one member of the Drew Crew."

But which member? The synopsis for Season 2, Episode 7 (titled "The Legend of the Murder Hotel") teases that Amanda and Ace (Alex Saxon) will "share a moment" together, so it definitely sounds like romance could be in the cards for them. But who knows? The CW is famous for throwing viewers for a loop when it comes to relationships, so really it could be anyone.

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Since she's only appeared in the Season 2 premiere, viewers haven't gotten to know Amanda too well yet. But expect that to change soon; Dosani hints the Bobbseys are about to team up with the Drew Crew in a major way.

"They're definitely going to be using their skill sets to solve some really crazy mysteries," she says. And that's not all. Amanda has a secret talent that will come into play, which Dosani is tight-lipped about, simply hinting, "[Gil is] a really skilled thief. You think Amanda would have a skill somewhere along the same line, but it is completely the opposite."

Fans will just have to watch and find out what — and who — Amanda and Gil Bobbsey get involved with. Nancy Drew continues Wednesday, March 10, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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