You Can Have A Cheese Tower Instead Of A Wedding Cake, So, Uh, Get Married Now

by Candice Jalili
Murray's Cheese

I've gotta be honest — I'm not really a huge cake person. I think the main issue is that I'm just not a big sweets person in general, so cake never seemed that appealing to me. As a result, the whole wedding cake thing never seemed that exciting to me. That being said, as the niece of a cheese factory owner, I'm a huge fan of cheese. And now it looks like I can integrate my love of cheese cake into my wedding reception. How, you ask? Well, Murray's Cheese in New York City offers cheese towers that you can have at your wedding in lieu of a more traditional wedding cake.

I mean, I know people have been talking about having their "dream weddings" since as long as I can remember but I don't think my dream wedding has truly been possible until this moment. I don't have to have a boring, lame cake!? My husband and I can cut the cheese together then make an endless stream of cutting the cheese for the rest of our life together?! Pinch me.

And, apparently, I'm not the only one who sees the new wedding cheese tower as a dream come true. In fact, the only reason Murray's Cheese started creating wedding cheese towers was because people really wanted them. "People started coming in with pictures from Pinterest of layer cakes made out of wheels of cheese and asking if we'd make one for them," catering manager Leigh Power explained to Delish. "Apparently, they're big in England, and we thought, 'why not?!'"

So how does one go about creating a wedding cheese tower? Well, Delish reports that when Murray's Cheese first started creating them, it was all about making each stack personal to the couple. Before building the tower, the cheese company would get to know the people they were building it for. Once it got a feel for the couples' favorite cheeses, it went through an intro of about 350 different kinds of cheeses to find cheeses that would both be delicious for the couple and also be the appropriate shape, size and color to look like a traditional wedding cake.

That last part is key here as, unfortunately, some cheeses don't quite fit the bill. "People love brie, but traditional French brie tends to be really short and flat, and it doesn't look right," Power told Delish. She also noted to the publication that many couples come into the shop requesting a parmesan wheel. "But that's 90 pounds of cheese," she added. "Most weddings don't need that much parm."

Murray's Cheese

As you can imagine, it did not take long at all for the cheese towers to gain popularity. In fact, the cheese towers became so popular that Murray's decided to offer a more simple option to customers by creating its own line of signature towers.

Delish reports that the most popular option is its "Celebration in Bloom" cheese tower (the one pictured throughout this piece) which retails for $275. The popularity of the tower could probably be attributed to the fact that it's the one that most accurately resembles a classic wedding cake.

And if the ribbon and flowers in the images above don't tickle your fancy, don't worry! "We'll coordinate with the wedding planner and florist to get flowers or ribbons that match the bride and groom's theme," Power told Delish.

Are you reading this lamenting about the fact that you're single AF and may never get the chance to have your very own cheese tower? Well, wipe those tears away right now, shnookums. You and your bestie can get your very own two-person tower for a measly $75. Or heck, if you're feeling up for the challenge, feel free to take down that tower solo. I believe in you!

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