Monsta X's Wonho's solo career announcement has been a long time coming.

Monsta X's Wonho Announced He's Going Solo & He Needs 1 Thing From His Fans


Following his departure from Monsta X in October 2019, Wonho's future as an idol was up in the air. Some fans believed he would eventually return to the group, while others thought he might kick off a solo career. There were also some fans who felt Wonho might take a break from music for a while. Fans will be happy to hear Wonho isn't done with music in the slightest. In fact, Wonho's solo career announcement shows he's ready to embark on a new chapter with fans.

After signing with Highline Entertainment as a solo artist and producer on April 10, Wonho announced he joined Maverick Management on May 7. To prepare for his epic return to music, Wonho created his own social media channels so fans can follow along with his journey. He joined Twitter, Instagram, and Fan Cafe, and shared a few selfies and promotional shots to get fans excited for his solo debut.

Now, fans can celebrate because Wonho joined the live-streaming platform VLIVE, too. On May 7, he shared his first video and announced he had a special request for fans. Since Wonho wants to address them using a nickname, he asked fans to come up with a fandom name for themselves.

"Hello, this is Wonho! Recruitment for the official fandom name is now open and I hope that a lot of you will join. You know that I’m going to personally pick the name, right? I also prepared a gift that’s only one in the world, so please anticipate it!" he teased.

Watch Wonho's video below.

Immediately after Wonho shared his video, fans started suggesting names on Twitter.

"'Wonder' is absolutely beautiful, in Korean it [is] pronounced 원더=Wondeo (원호) Wonho + (믿어) Mideo, which means 'believe,' so it would means 'Believe/trust Wonho,' + 'wonder' in English is a beautiful word like he is our wonder, our miracle," one fan suggested.

Others had a simpler approach when thinking of a name. Since Monsta X's fans are called "Monbebes," some fans thought Wonho could call his fans "Wonbebes" instead.

Check out the other ideas from fans below.

Fans can submit their ideas through Wonho's official Fan Cafe from May 7 until May 21.

Wonho's solo career is definitely progressing quickly, and it will only be a matter of time before fans hear his first single.