Miley Cyrus' Reaction To Nick Jonas Watching Her IG Stories Will Give You Niley Nostalgia

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images | Rachel Luna/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus is giving all her fans a powerful dose of nostalgia right now! The 26-year-old superstar has been posting all kinds of throwback pics and such in her Instagram Stories, so fans and friends alike have been traveling back in time. One such friend is Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, who texted Cyrus to tell her to keep all the throwback posts coming. Miley Cyrus’ reaction to Nick Jonas watching her IG stories is just too much! And I mean that in a good way!

Cyrus has been on a social media posting spree over the past couple of days, starting on March 7 for International Women’s Day. Since then, she’s been posting almost nonstop and giving fans something fun to look at, especially all the throwback posts she’s been putting out there. Jonas apparently sent her a message to tell her how much he loved it!

“Amazing. These throwback shots have been 🔥,” he said, according to a screenshot Cyrus posted on Instagram. In the screenshot, you can also see an Instagram post of Cyrus and her sister Noah. Cyrus is wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt and the caption of the post reads in part, “Miley and Noah have been Jonas Brothers stans since day one.”

Jonas apparently thought the post was humorous and decided to share a laugh with Cyrus! Cyrus then posted a screenshot of their conversation to share with her followers because why not, right?

“That moment when even your ex knows your socials have been 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” she captioned the post.

The post also includes a video of Cyrus dancing and smiling. The music over the video is Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings,” so there’s a lot going on in this post! Check it out down below:

In addition to the above post, Cyrus has also been sharing loads of stuff from throughout her career. Like that time she performed alongside Rihanna:

And that one time she was jamming with Selena Gomez during a performance:

This video, in particular, got responses from both Demi Lovato and Gomez. Lovato commented on the post with, “Iconic,” while Gomez commented that they were “such babies” at the time. Too cute!

Cyrus isn’t only feeding fans nostalgia, though. She’s also posting some of the most random stuff ever. Take this video of a Teletubby dancing in a tutu with “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” playing over it, for example:

“When will they figure out how to make it not so hot in these damn suits??? #NoPainNoGain #NothingBreaksLikeASweat,” Cyrus captioned the post, clearly poking fun at all her social media weirdness as of late.

And in honor of International Women’s Day, Cyrus also posted a video of herself kissing her own biceps because that’s just what you do on International Women’s Day! Check it out:

Cyrus is clearly having a ton of fun posting all this stuff for fans to see. It’s a blast from the past for everyone and I’m sure all of Cyrus’ friends and fans are loving every second of it. Not to mention that Cyrus isn’t done being nostalgic yet. She’s actually still posting a whole bunch of old paparazzi photos as I'm writing this post. So, who knows when the social media spree will end! At least everyone’s having fun reliving the good old days, though!