Miley Cyrus Posted A Sexy IG Message To Liam Hemsworth After He Missed His Movie Premiere

John Sciulli/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are at the peak of their newlywed bliss right now. How do I know that? Well, because Cyrus got hella sexual in a recent Instagram caption about Hemsworth. And let me tell ya, when I say Miley Cyrus' Instagram about Liam Hemsworth missing his film premiere is the most sexual thing the singer has publicly said in a while, I mean it!!

Hemsworth is co-starring in the new rom-com Isn't It Romantic alongside Rebel Wilson, Priyanka Chopra, and Adam DeVine coming out just in time for Valentine's Day. The film's premiere was in Los Angeles on Monday, Feb. 11, but Hemsworth was nowhere to be found. Cyrus, on the other hand, attended in her husband's place, revealing to everyone on the pink carpet (and on Instagram) that Hemsworth was healing from a recent illness and couldn't make it. But she already had her dress picked out, so homegirl was going to the premiere!

It was a sweet show of support from Cyrus (whom Hemsworth revealed decided to take his last name when they got married). But the best part about it was her Instagram posts about the night.

"So proud of my hunky hubby @liamhemsworth & his newest movie #IsntItRomantic," she said in one Instagram from the night. "He unfortunately wasn’t able to attend due to health reasons... but he is recovering and taking this time to rest / heal."

Her caption continued,

It’s hard for entertainers to put themselves before the project but this time it was crucial .... I am proud to represent him and his incredible work. So happy to see him shining in this comedy! He is the funniest person I know, and the world now gets to see the Liam I wake up to every day.... luckiest 💋

She posted another photo to her Instagram from the premiere that showed her serving face next to a poster of Hemsworth playing the saxophone. And that's when things got ~steamy~.

"Getting sick blows. But so do I," she said. "Get well soon babe. I love you. Play that sax you sexy f*ck." WOAHHHHH. You know what else blows? Liam Hemsworth on that saxophone! Heyooooo. OK, I hate myself now. Bye. I am truly sorry.

But Miley... that caption!!

Also, I just need to remind everyone that Priyanka Chopra is also in this movie, aka she was at the premiere, aka so was Nick Jonas. MILEY AND NICK ON THE SAME RED CARPET. I know they're both happily married now, but I needed to point that out. OK, moving on!

Here's the other photo she posted that featured the more ~demure~ caption.

Honestly, I'm here for both of these captions. If I were married to Liam Hemsworth (or Miley Cyrus, truly), I'd be saying the same damn things online every day out of sheer pride that I locked that ish down. Isn't that romantic?!

Anyway, I'm obsessed with these two. Hemsworth posted a photo of his wife to the 'Gram thanking her for her support.

"Sorry I couldn’t make it to the @isntitromantic premier tonight guys. Been dealing with some pretty annoying health stuff the last couple days," Hemsworth said. "Lucky I have the best girl in the world to represent for me! Thanks for the support babe! I hope everyone enjoys the movie! It’s a perfect Valentine’s Day flick so if ya ain’t got nothin better to do then go see it! Love to all!"

Let's hope Liam Hemsworth is feeling better by Valentine's Day because, uh, I think Miley Cyrus might have some plans for them.