This Guy Just Wants To Know What A Wedding Photographer Has Against Him After Hilarious Photo

by Candice Jalili

Ever had a picture taken of you in such an awkward way that you're not sure how such a weird, awkward angle was able to morph your beautiful, precious face into something so... otherworldly? And I'm not just talking about a picture that someone took on your "bad side" or that moment of horror when you accidentally open the front-facing camera on your phone (yikes). I'm talking about the kind of picture that literally changes you from a human being to some sort of alien-looking creature. Well, if you haven't had a picture this awkward, consider yourself lucky. But a dude from New York City named Mike can tell you all about it. You see, Mike Tague's face in a wedding photo came out at such an awkward angle that he had no choice but to post it on Twitter, where it has since gone viral.

It all started when Mike's best friend from high school invited him to her wedding in Pennsylvania. Mike and his boyfriend Andrew traveled from their home in New York City to Pennsylvania to support Mike's high school pal and to be ushers in the wedding, BuzzFeed reports. The two were having a grand old time, and according to Mike, "everything went really beautifully," until a certain little picture was taken. You see, Mike and Andrew were seated next to each other at a table when the photographer took a quick snapshot of them, and a few days later, the bride came across this picture.

Needless to say, once Mike got a hold of the pic, he posted it on Twitter with the caption, "OK SO DID I DO SOMETHING TO OFFEND THE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER?" The hilarious picture has since gone viral, garnering almost 60,000 retweets and over 200,000 favorites. “People have been sending me versions of it from different Instagram meme accounts," Mike told BuzzFeed News.

And even with all the dumb trolls out there, Mike is probably the most willing to make fun of himself.

He's even considering a new profile picture.

I'm going to go ahead and say he probably shouldn't choose that as his profile picture... but the resemblance between him and that guy from Power Rangers is uncanny.

I mean, seriously. Check out the GIF for yourself and compare.

Other people on Twitter also have their own ideas of who Mike's real doppelgänger might be.

This guy thinks he looks like The Flash.

This girl thinks he looks like Jimmy Neutron.

And then, Mike was back at it with his own doppelgängers.

He even reminded us that he has a habit of closing his eyes during pictures.

Finally, only one question remains: WHY would the photographer do this to Mike?! WHY take such a... poorly angled photo of him?

A Twitter user named Jason thinks the photographer was just into Mike's boyfriend.

And if this was the case, Mike is NOT having it.

To get to the bottom of this, Mike conducted his own poll to try to figure out why, exactly, the photographer would do such a thing to him.

The options Mike came up with were, "I did them wrong," "They want my man," "They hate bowties," or "The world is a cold place." What do you guys think would be the frontrunner?

Of the 14,831 votes (YES, 14,831 VOTES!!), there was one clear winner. Over half of the respondents (63 percent) agreed that the photographer clearly just wanted his man. (To be clear, the photographer likely didn't mean to take this picture of Mike. Still funny, though.)

If there's one takeaway here, it's this: We now live in a day and age where a funny-looking picture of you has the power to make you a STAR. So hey, next time you see an awkward-looking picture of yourself, try posting it on social media and see what happens.

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