There's A Tiny Detail In Michael's Emails That May Connect 'AHS: Apocalypse' To 'Asylum'


What the hell just happened on American Horror Story: Apocalypse, folks? The series has wasted absolutely no time in getting to a whole mess of shocking twists and head-scratching mysteries in just its first two episodes, and of course, diehard fans are looking at every tiny detail to try to figure things out. So when Timothy and Emily started looking through Michael Langdon's emails on AHS: Apocalypse, fans knew that it was time to pause the TV or start taking screenshots so that they could read every last detail. And those emails definitely seem to reveal some pretty illuminating stuff about this mysterious Cooperative.

Spoiler alert: This post will discuss plot details from the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. In the second episode of the new season, Timothy and Emily, the teenagers pre-selected by The Cooperative for some component of their DNA, stumble upon Michael Langdon's laptop and get the inside scoop on what he is really doing at Outpost 3. The main message that the two teenagers are interested in is one in which Michael reveals that Wilhemina Venable made up the rule prohibiting inhabitants from sex. After finding out that they have been limiting themselves to just one stolen kiss a week for nothing, Timothy and Emily immediately give into their passions.

But there are a lot of other details in that G-Mail account that might help to clarify some things about The Cooperative.


We only get to see the subject lines and the first few words of Michael Langdon's other emails with The Cooperative, but they help to detail what is really going on with the mysterious organization. Most of the emails details the failure of other outposts around the world. Apparently, there are no survivors left in South America, and a nearby outpost in the United States had to be scheduled for termination due to a radiation leak.

But the email that seems to be catching most peoples' attention is one about a surrogate womb, which we heard Michael briefly mention in his interview with Mr. Gallant. The part of the email we can see confirms that The Cooperative still has yet to perfect any sort of artificial womb:

All attempts at carrying a fetus have failed. We are altering the DNA of the fetus to potentially...

Hmm, could this be why Timothy and Emily's DNA is so important to The Cooperative? Fans think there seems to be a connection there, and there is even a fan theory that connects this all back to AHS: Asylum. Some fans on Reddit have been guessing that Emily and Timothy may be descendants of Asylum's Kit Walker and his sister-wives Alma and Grace, who had children after an alien abduction. The alien component in their DNA would explain why it is so special, and could be the key to The Cooperative perfecting this surrogate womb experiment.

Of course, there is also another theory that everything on this laptop was planted by Michael in order to get Timothy and Emily into trouble (which definitely works, since Miriam Mead catches them and Venable sentences them to death). One thing that is incredibly clear about Timothy and Emily is that they are meant to mirror the biblical characters of Adam and Eve, and Michael leaving his Apple laptop out for them to find feeds into that even more. But even if Michael did want the two teens to find his laptop, that doesn't necessarily mean anything on there is fake. I guess we will just have to keep watching and see what happens with these two.