Meghan Markle Gave Birth & Buckingham Palace Just Revealed If It's A Boy Or Girl

by Tara Martinez and Hollee Actman Becker
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Hear ye! Hear ye! The royal baby is finally here and, drumroll, please... it's a boy! Meghan Markle gave birth in the early morning of May 6. The little guy weighed in at 7 lbs., 3 oz., and as you can probably imagine, everyone is going wild over the news! Prince Harry was, of course, on hand during the baby’s birth and an official statement was released — get this! — on Instagram, making Harry and Meghan the first royal couple to go this route! What a modern couple!

Anyway, here's what the statement, posted to the official @SussexRoyal Instagram account, said:

"We are pleased to announce that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their firstborn child in the early morning on May 6th, 2019. Their Royal Highnesses’ son weighs 7lbs. 3oz. The Duchess and baby are both healthy and well, and the couple thank members of the public for their shared excitement and support during this very special time in their lives. More details will be shared in the forthcoming days."

I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to get more of those deets! Like a name, perhaps?

This is what the baby announcement looked like on Instagram:

I am loving how minimal and modern this announcement is!

Meanwhile, not long after the post went up, Prince Harry surprised the press by stepping out to confirm the happy news that Meghan had, in fact, given birth to a baby boy on May 6. And OMG you guys, the proud father could not contain his excitement and was totally beaming!

"I’m very excited to announce that Meghan and myself had a baby boy earlier this morning, a very healthy boy," he announced, smiling from ear to ear, and even let a smile giggle slip out. "Mother and baby are doing incredibly well. It’s been the most amazing experience I could ever have possibly imagined. How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension, but we’re both absolutely thrilled and so grateful for all the love and support from everybody out there. It’s been amazing, so I just wanted to share this with everybody."


So relatable and so, so sweet!

Harry also spoke about his joy at becoming a dad for the very first time.

"I haven’t been in many births, this is definitely my first birth," he said. "But it was amazing, absolutely incredible, and as I said, I’m so incredibly proud of my wife. As every father and parent would say, your baby is absolutely amazing. But this little thing is absolutely to die for, so I’m just over the moon."

As for the royal baby's name, it looks like we may be finding out kinda soon — as in just-two-days-from-now soon.

"The baby’s a little bit overdue so we’ve had a little bit of time to think about it," Harry explained. "That’s the next bit. For us we’ll be seeing you guys in probably two days time as planned, as a family, to be able to share it with you guys."

So exciting!

Congrats Harry and Meghan... enjoy every minute!

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