Here's What Hot Girl Meg Is Like As A Partner, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Any Gen Zer or young millennial will tell you how important astrology is in pop culture, and Megan Thee Stallion is no exception. If you’re smitten with the leader of the H-Town Hotties, thank Megan Thee Stallion's zodiac sign. Her eclectic tastes and bubbly attitude can be traced back to her Feb. 15 birthday, which makes her an Aquarius. (You may have caught this onto this thanks to her Kehlani collab, "Hit My Phone," or seen Meg mention her sign on Twitter.)

Wondering what this means about Hot Girl Meg's love life? She'd probably be just as fun-loving, strange, and unapologetic as she is on social media and on stage. Beyond her lyrics, here’s what we can deduce about Megan as a partner, based on her zodiac sign.

She’ll Reel You In Playfully

The words “free-spirited” can often come up when describing Aquarius, because the planet Uranus — which governs change, innovation, and revolution — is its ruler. Megan will probably feel most satisfied with her love life when freedom and playfulness are at the forefront. In "Circles," she sings, “I'm a February baby, I'm a big flirt,” which makes total sense. Her coy charm and goofy humor would totally have you under her spell.

You’ll Have To Be Cool With Her Kind Of “Weird”

Uranus also governs individuality. If there’s a sign who’s going to do their own thing 100% of the time, it’s Aquarius. By now, you may know that Megan has offbeat tastes. She loves anime and dark movies. (Alice In Wonderland and Edward Scissorhands are her faves, which explains the concept for “Don’t Stop” with Young Thug.) She’s also not afraid to get experimental with her makeup or her outfits. If you want to date Megan Thee Stallion or any other Aquarius, you have to be down for a little good-natured eccentricity.

Above Everything Else, She's Dedicated

Finally, Aquarius' independent nature sets them apart from other zodiac signs. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they like to be friendless or single. In fact, Aquarian independence comes through in their head and heart. Aquarius is also a “fixed” sign, meaning they’re stubborn AF, or “fixed” in how they operate.

If Megan Thee Stallion loves you, romantically or otherwise, there’s a good chance she’ll do everything in her power to make your relationship prosper. Listen to songs like “Movie,” and you’ll hear an Aquarius who’s loyal, even when she’s not in a committed, monogamous relationship. If you amicably break up, she’ll probably wish you the best, proceed to work on herself, and let you two go your separate ways.

With plenty of anime date nights, prank wars, memes, and good energy to go around, anyone would be lucky to be Meg's partner.