Megan Rapinoe Said The Cutest Thing About Quarantining With Sue Bird

by Candice Jalili
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You in the mood to swoon? OK, then I'd very highly recommend you check out Megan Rapinoe's quote about quarantining with Sue Bird. While quarantine has proved to be a challenge for many couples, Rapinoe revealed quarantining with her wife-to-be has only made their love stronger. "We've essentially spent every single day together since the beginning of March," Rapinoe told People on Nov. 5. "And it's been such a gift, to be honest. We're not used to this, we travel. Because we're athletes, we're constantly on the go and we never get to spend this much time with people that you love." Rapinoe added she sees all the little things, like "the cooking of meals, and the getting in little fights" with Bird as "a big silver lining in this whole thing."

Bird's calm demeanor has also been a big help for Rapinoe when it comes to getting through all of the madness that's come along with this year. "I think Sue's ability to stay in the moment and steady us both and be that rock for us both during all of this and have that really pragmatic approach of, 'This is just what it is. We're going to make the best of it and do what we can. And that's the best that we can do,'" Rapinoe shared. "Feeling comfortable and safe in that has been, I think, a huge help for me during this."

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Even when there's not a pandemic sweeping the nation, Rapinoe said she and Bird both "give each other the confidence to just really be ourselves." She explained, "just to have someone who sees you for all that you are, all of the good and the bad — and obviously only we know the worst of all the good and the bad. It's just a calm sense of confidence and security that we give to each other." Aww!

Quarantining together went so well that these athletes felt ready to take the next step in their relationship. Rapinoe and Bird announced their engagement on Oct. 30. They both posted the same picture of Rapinoe down on one knee atop an infinity pool ledge and opted to skip the caption — the photo spoke for itself:

And now it seems like they're living in premarital bliss! So happy for them!