Meeting The Parents? These 4 Horror Stories Will Make You Think Twice


Meeting your significant other's parents can be incredibly awkward. It was especially bad for me when I was dating in early high school, because one of our parents always had to drive us to the mall or the movies or wherever we wanted to go, and then come back to pick us up. Meeting the parents is one thing, but being trapped in a car with them in Northern Virginia traffic is another.

For my first real date, I went to see Paranormal Activity in theaters, which was rated R. We were both only 15, so my date's mom bought the tickets — and went in to watch the movie with us. She sat a bunch of rows behind us, so as not to be conspicuous. But the whole time I was supposed to be watching the movie, I felt like I was the one being watched. The guy tried to hold my hand and I was so self conscious that I wouldn't let him.

On a different occasion, also at the beginning of high school, my then-boyfriend's mom and brother picked us up from our date. The ride was awkward enough, but then her car ended up breaking down on the way home. My mom had to come pick us up, so we both met each other's moms on the same stressful night. I could unfortunately go on and on with uncomfortable experiences of meeting guys' parents, but I will spare you the details and let these four individuals share their stories.

This guy's dad met the girl he was seeing under unfortunate circumstances.

— Scott, 21*

This guy made the mistake of taking his mom and his girlfriend to a college bar.

— Andrew, 21

This girl was accused of deliberately disobeying her boyfriend's parents' wishes.

— Michelle, 22

This girl's parents basically ignored her boyfriend after meeting him.

— Alex, 23

Meeting your partner's parents can feel intimidating. Just be yourself and pray that you don't end up with a horror story of your own.

*Name and age have been changed.

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