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Meet The Vloggers Turning Their Platforms Into Activism

By Bustle Studios

The internet can be all things light and dark. On the dark side, there's trolling, bullying, negativity, and literal propaganda. On the bright side, there's endless support, activism, and critical conversations that push society forward. (Not to mention, cat videos and other funny things exist). Especially in these times, we're more in need of a compassionate internet than ever.

To foster just that kind of culture, AT&T Hello Lab is partnering with three online creators to launch "The Bright Fight," a series of videos activating and educating young people about significant social issues. Self-love advocate and beauty expert Nabela Noor will focus on body positivity. Scotty Sire, known for his tongue-in-cheek comedy videos, will speak out for the environment. Typically known for rambunctious pranks, the Dobre Brothers will take a stand against cyber-bullying. First speaking to their personal connections to these causes, these creators will go on to educate their audience, and ultimately participate in internet-breaking stunts... with a purpose.

Let's get to know these promising young superstars! I got a chance to talk to Nabela, Scotty, and the Dobre Brothers about their chosen social causes, their Bright Fight videos, and more. Read on to learn a little more about these unique young activists.

Nabela Noor — Body Positivity

Nabela Noor on YouTube

A first-generation Bangladeshi-American, Nabela Noor has been developing her loyal following of "Bella Babes" with her DIY and affordable beauty videos since 2013. Today her page boasts an impressive cache of 457K subscribers. She uses her content to represent as a strong, diverse woman, challenge beauty standards (like with the above video), and have lots of fun.

Preaching the gospel of self love, Noor's "Bright Fight" videos will center on the subject of body positivity. "It's so important and necessary for people of all sizes to feel included and represented in the world around them," Noor told me when asked about the significance of size-inclusivity. "It's truly about giving everyone a seat at the table of confidence and representation. All of us deserve to feel beautiful."

She then went on to explain what "The Bright Fight" project meant to her, giving a preview of what we can expect. "We're putting the core values of self-love to the test in real life," she continued. "From helping a super-fan discover her true beauty to engaging with random strangers on the importance of self-love and body positivity, we went through a range of emotions and special moments that I hope resonate with the viewers."

Scotty Sire — Environmental Issues

Scotty Sire on YouTube

You might recognize Sire as the scamp making irreverent comedy sketches with his famous crew of creators, or the guy who used to make all the great Vines. But whether you're watching one of his sketches that subtly critique masculinity, or listening to his quizzically upbeat and thoughtful "Sad Song," his point of view and sense of humor come together to make some seriously engaging content. His 2.1 million subscribers think so.

In "The Bright Fight," he's spreading the imperative of fighting for the environment and cutting back on waste. "I’ve learned a lot about the damage caused by unnecessary waste," Sire says. "Millions of animals are killed each year for mistaking plastic as food. The environment is littered with trash, making the natural habitats of these animals unlivable."

And yes, saving the planet is serious business, but it just might take a funny person to do it. Sire has serious passion, telling me, "I’m inspired to fight to keep the environment preserved. It's simple. If the world is filled with trash nobody will be able to live in it."

The Dobre Brothers – Cyber Bullying

If ever there was a vlogging sibling supergroup, the Dobre Brothers is it. Their 3.6 million channel subscribers tune in daily to watch the brotherly antics of twins Lucas and Marcus and older brothers Cyrus and Darius on loud, proud display. From elaborate pranks, to gymnastic challenges, to collaborating on hip-hop singles, their content brings you inside of a bonkers, chaotic, but ultimately loving home.

The quartet of brothers is using their "Bright Fight" videos to rally against cyber-bullying, a cause they feel personally connected to. "We’ve always stood up against bullies all our life," they told me via email. "We experience hate daily, and we've learned to ignore it. Most likely, if you're getting hate you’re doing something right."

In advance of their videos being released, they offered some advice to young people dealing with bullies. "We're teaching people that when it comes to bullies, you should just laugh at it, ignore it, and not be scared to tell somebody about it."

This article is sponsored by AT&T Hello Lab's "The Bright Fight."