McDonald's Is Finally Rolling Out Cold Brew Coffee, But There's A Catch

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It seems like cold brew is everywhere these days. From grocery store shelves to just about every restaurant, cold brew seems almost just as common as plain ol' drip coffee anymore. Which is why it should come as no surprise that McDonald's is testing out several versions of their very own cold brew coffee. Currently, McDonald's' new cold brew coffees are being sold at San Diego stores for a trial run. Ready for a sip of your own? Here's what you need to know.

The San Diego Times Union reports that McDonald's is testing out two new cold brew coffee drinks at a handful of stores in the San Diego area. If you've got a hankering for cold brew and live in the Southern California region (or perhaps you're up for a trip to the area because coffee over everything) that's the only place you'll be able to find it, for now. If all goes well during the trial period, it's possible that McDonald's may bring both Cold Brew beverages to stores nationwide. For now, though, it's still too early to tell what McDonald's' plans are.

“Testing this in the San Diego area is our latest way to commit to giving customers what they want,” said Elina Veksler, senior director of menu brand and innovation for McDonald’s, as reported by The San Diego Times Union. “We know from our own research that there is a certain set of customers looking for a smooth and strong coffee experience. It’s catering to the next generation of coffee drinkers, the millennials.”

So, what kinds of cold brew drinks does McDonald's have up its sleeve? According to The San Diego Times Union, McDonald's is offering its very own regular Cold Brew Coffee as one of its new caffeinated drinks. McDonald's Cold Brew Coffee is made with 100 percent Arabica beans, according to the fast-food burger joint. This gives it a smooth, yet bold flavor that will wake you up and keep you going all day long. Customers will have the option to add flavors like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut to the plain cold brew. It's never easy to choose just one flavor, so I'm happy to see that McDonald's is giving everyone options when it comes to cold brew flavors.

Next up is the McCafé Marble Cold Brew, as reported by The San Diego Times Union. According to McDonald's, this drink is a mix of their standard cold brew with a "touch of sweetness." The cold brew beverage is made with sweet and creamy syrup for a luscious sip. To finish it off, McDonald's adds in a scoop of ice and a splash of cream.

According to the description for each beverage listed on the McDonald's website, the McCafé Marble Cold Brew and regular cold brew will be available for a limited time at participating locations. There are a lot of places to get coffee, and more specifically cold brew. I really hope that the testing period is well-received by SoCal customers. I'd love to see McDonald's launch these two cold brew drinks to customers like me nationwide.

With the addition of Cold Brew Coffee, the Golden Arches restaurant has everything you need and more. Being the an avid coffee drinker that I am, my life feels a little more complete now. Thanks Mickey D's. Hopefully McDonald's' Cold Brew Coffee and McCafé Marble Cold Brew will be available at all store locations sometime soon. A girl can dream.